Saturday, 29 December 2012

Morning All...

Had a rough nights kip and not really feeling it today so there will be no cards for today as i will be just doing a bit on the Fly , i will however offer up my NAP of the day and that is ROYAL SEA in the 15:40 @ Wolverhampton , im off for some beer n Pool with Shippers n Marc later so may well be having a lie in tmrw so dont expect too much then , then Mon is NYE...again nothing doing, but NYD i will be doing a full twin spread for the Cheltenham meeting so that should bring some nice reward, as ever im on our Phoenix Racing FB page if you want to join , get involved or have some banter if not have a great New Year and i will see you all in a few days on the 1st Jan!!..Good Luck.


Copy Halt