Saturday, 22 December 2012

Xmas Especiale ;-)

Well its the last betting day ( for me anyway ) before Xmas and as expected the weather is dreadful, the ground is a joke but spirits are high....i dont know what to do today..Smash some cards or nail a few individual races.....?? ( Currently thinking, but thoughts would be welcomed )....

Right here we go today...if its on we'll take a Punt with the ASCOT races.....

RACE 1 :
A tricky looking 3m Hcap hurdle to start the day off...great!!....with so many having either failed at this trip or untried over it i am going to stick with the proven stamina of those that have had a go and coupled with the ground effect and current form i feel OKAFRANCA is the safest option , this has had two recent winning spins over this trip , loves the ground and the Combo ( jockey/trainer ) are in form so ticks all my boxes.
Summary : EW Single on OKAFRANCA seems the safest play in a tough race. ( £50 EW )

RESULT : 2nd @ 6.0 & 2.52 ( hit 1.31 ) = Won £26.00 ( and easy trade )
RACE 2 :
Next up is a small runner field Grad Chase and im not going for a win bet here instead im going with tried n trusted and im going to PLACE LAY the top two ( Solix./Cedre Bleu ) @ 1.38 & 1.40 and hope one  ( pref both lol ) of them fuck up and both the other runners have some ability so i think this is a live bet. ( PL £100 EACH )

RACE 3 :
The Long Walk Hurdle with no Big Bucks...shame ( out for the season ) but a few nice sorts are here in particular SMAD PLACE and although this should be winning he wont get everything his own way as there are some improvers in the field and in this ground anything could happen ( its truly dreadful ) but i still thiunk this should be winning today.

SUMMARY : SMAD PLACE £100 WIN ( trade at 1.38 for £125 )

RESULT : 2nd and no trade = Lost £100.00....
That will do for now as im running out of time and cant multi-task...Good Luck, Happy Xmas and see you all on Boxing Day ;-)


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