Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Hmm Interesting....

After suffering a bit the last two months with the Stat Lays " Finding " too many winners i have this month decided to embark on a mission, i have ever so slightly tweaked the selection process which on day 1 i thought may have been a bad idea as i drew a blank from 5 selections, ..however on Day 2 i hit 3 winners with a 120/1 Treble , Yesterday just the one winner ( but still made a profit ) and again today i hit another 3 Winners from 5 Selections giving me another Treble this time at 61/1....could be good, could be luck....may be me just riding the elevator up before it eventually comes back down..who knows but its interesting at the very least...lets see how we do over the next few weeks and month...#Fingerscrossed ;-)


Copy Halt