Friday, 26 August 2011


Well firstly let me start by saying that yes i know the blog may look a bit different , that's because ive been messing around with the format and i didn't back up the original!! doh!! , i wanted to give this one a more professional look and feel , with more info on horses , courses and stats , but this appears a bridge too far!?.
i would be grateful if anyone had any ideas they could contribute or knows of any great sites where i can download some good templates, all the ones ive tried have been rubbish....
Concerning the blog and racing , we are in the midst of a very welcome purple patch and long may it continue , the beta backs are proving a useful tool to have , and that is the key , a betting armoury loaded with winning weapons , a single shot very rarely takes the prize , but a barrage usually sinks everything , so attacking the races with an armada of info , stats , betting platforms , skill and luck will result in a long term winning and profitable account.
this is my basic mindset for developing the Phoenix Pro System , its not about tipping a constant stream of winners ( which is impossible ) its about making a profit , a consistent profit , day in , day out, week in , week out , that's what separates the pro traders from the gamblers , gamblers get a great buzz from a good winning bet but also get very down when they lose , its like being bi-polar between 2-6pm every day , its not a great feeling , the best feeling is ending your day on a profit, sitting back , letting it all sink in and then just saying to yourself.." this is the life ".
in order to maximise any potential you may have you must first learn to control yourself , but being a gambler and having control is a bit like asking nielsen to attend pride and control himself.
i love horse racing , to me its a great sport and one i love to watch , i do myself like to have a flutter , go crazy and do shit i wouldnt normally do , but i have learnt over the years ( of endless mistakes and after spunking £1000's of pounds away ) to control these urges to a point , i have now mastered the greed part within me , and it has gone for good , i am quite adept at laying 2/3 or 4/5 horses a day making my money then walking away , however on the better racing days i really do want to be involved , ( thats the gambler coming out , nothing to do with greed , just the gambler ) so thats when i decided to start blogging and from each days profits i squirrel away a % to build up my " gamblers fund " , this war chest was and is for me to let loose and do the crazy shit i wanted to do with out it affecting my day to day living or expense account , this created the blog account , if it goes it goes , i can always rebuild , i can always save again and i think sometimes that is a primary factor in becoming a winning trader / gambler etc..its having the confidence to follow your work , back or lay your choices and to not worry about the outcome as it wont affect your income! , i think far to many people bet more than they can afford , they overstake , or bet with the gas money sticking it all onto a " dead cert " and then crying robbed when it gets beat @ 2/5.......!!
you HAVE to bet with money that is totally set aside from anything else, so that if it is lost it really doesnt matter as it was never there to begin with.

Today we are off to NEWMARKET , a good looking card with some tasty maidens and you cant beat a good looking maiden ;-@). ( all the lays are blog bets )


BACK - AMELIA MAY - unplaced
LAY - CANDYCAKES £150 @ BFSP ( LOTD / BLOG BET ) - Result = Unplaced = Won £150 ( 3.95 F )

BACK - SEE EMILY PLAY -unplaced **
LAY - SHOW FLOWER £150 @ BFSP  - Result = Unplaced = Won £150 ( 4/1 )
BETA BACK - SHADA - 3rd @ 11/4
** my first choice was lyric of light  ( first @ 6/1 ) but i talked myself out of it.;-(.

LAY - MIZBAH £150 @ BFSP- Result = Unplaced = Won £150 ( 9.83 )


LAY - MOST IMPROVED **SEE UNDER ** - Result = 1st @ 1.8 = Lost £156
**INTERSTING RACE THIS, i have watched quite a few times and the fav Most Improved did run a tidy race first time out only to get done on the line by the fast finishing Kinglet ( bin suroor ) also completed in a very tidy time, however the race was set up for this imo , it raced in the front six all the way , had the run of the race throughout but did quicken up nicely when asked , however dwyer was working this from quite a way out and at the 2f pole appears to be giving some quite strong urgings , now there was indeed a fare bit of money for this on the day which could lead you to think that a win was expected but the field imo was weak with only the winner kinglet looking special ( or above average ) , he stalled badly and ran very green until eyeballed , i think @ 1.78 it HAS to be layed , but do i trade , imvho i think it really has a great chance of getting beat by a newcomer as the field is made up of potentially 85+ horses , and purely on a value basis you would have to be mental to back it at that.
my bet will be a lay of £200 @ 1.78, i think most improved could win and has an obvious chance but at the very prohibitive odds has to be taken on , however for the traders , myself included i also think the following trade is nailed on..£1000 @ 1.78 , with a back trade ( keep ) of £850 set @ 1.92 this will return either a profit of £2 or £150 , i think the trade is nailed on , you could extend the buy back to say 2.5 or indeed stagger it , the problem is , if it gets a good break and races front rank the price will only move once it has no chance or its chance has gone , so that is wasting money , if it gets a bad or tardy start then you will get an instant green.....things to consider.
** - hit 2.86 in running with a few thousand matched at 2.74 , easiest trade ever!!

LAY - REGAL PARK £75 @ BFSP  - Result = 3rd = Won £75 ( 11/2 )
BETA BACK - KAZBOW - non-runner

LAY - TANAAMI £50 @ BFSP - 1st @ 4.4 = Lost = £170-00

BACK - SEA SOLDIER- non-runner
LAY - MY FREEDOM £75 @ BFSP- Result = 2nd @ 6.6 = Won £75
BETA BACK - WHITE FROST- Result = 1st @ 4.88

Thats me for today so far , have a good day all...

Another sparkling day , and BETA BACKS again rounds the day off with a tidy winner @ 4.88, the only weak points were the two winning favourites that set us back slightly, but thankfully i had staked accordingly this time so this did little damage , made a very sweet £274-00 profit today , this is again very welcomed and very good , thank you and see you tmrw....


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