Monday, 8 August 2011

wow..2nd day running its 105+...

So what did i do, well...i went for a three hour walk with me mum, very hard work lol, stopped off at a few places for dinner and drinks, did some shopping and got some supplies in for when me mates come over tomorrow ( beer and stuff lol )...not done any trading today at all....
However i am looking at having a go at Windsor tonight....
Windsor 17-40 Amazing Storm - Lay £50 @ bfsp-1st 2/1- lost £150
Big field Maiden, drop in trip is a worry and it doesnt have the usual hannon horse profile, current odds are 3/1, imo good value lay.

Windsor 18-10 Bling King - Lay - £200 @ bfsp- Unplaced = Won £200 ( my lotd shud have been my only bet )
This WILL NOT WIN, end of..Fill ur boots!!!!, Everyone i urge you to lay this for whatever you can afford, this will be the easiest money you make this year ( maybe thats an exaggeration , but you get my point!! )

Windsor 20-10 Urban Space - Lay £150 @ Bfsp-1st 7/1-LOST £1500
This beast is completely out of sorts, is running super flat and really has no real chance here, fill ur boots..;-)

Thats my main three for windsor, follow me and cash in ;-), seriously whatever ya do , have fun, keep smiling....Till laters guys and gals...

2 winners from 3 fucking selections...fucking bollocks....fuck fuck fuck fuck.....and urban fucking space, come the fuck on, i have a thing about not laying crowley, i did and he wins....oh well, gonna have to hammer the cards tmrw.....major loss today..


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