Friday, 19 August 2011

Friday August 19 2011

Good morning , well sort of , hope u all well today and made a few pennies yesterday , another tough day at York to look forward to and thats what todays card will be all about... York ;-).
No real news to rant about today , i just wanna be back in Spain ;-( , i will get there eventually just gonna take a couple o years for everything to be right...

Anyway time is flashing on by and i have the card to finish....

York 14:00 
Typically tough hcap from York , however there are only a few with rock solid distance form so that is where im gonna start looking, the main protagonists are, 

1. Bay Willow (IRE)
2. Kiama Bay (IRE)
3. Classic Vintage (USA)
4. Life And Soul (IRE)
5. The Fonz * CD WINNER
6. Crackentorp  * CD WINNER
7. Porgy  *CD WINNER
8. Lady Chaparral 

So instantly we have cut down the field of 20 to an 8 runner race ( i may have left the winner 
but hey ho ) . lets examine...

1. bay willow , doesnt stay imo , may be dettoris ride, but imo wont even place ( place lay ).
2. kiama bay , first time spencer has ridden this , in form , place possibility ( high in weight ).
3. classic vintage , never discount anything with crowley , quite consistent , dont rule out.
4. life and soul , great ew bet , should be bang there.
5. fonz , well hcapped now, however on recent form , no chance. ( max lay )
6. crackentorp , poor last twice, however york/easterby is a good gamblers combo.( worth a punt )
7. porgy , just not good enough imo ( place lay ).
8. lady chapparal , for me this is THE EW bet here , one for the shrewdies.

blog bets are ,
1.bay willow - place lay £100
2.kiama bay - win lay £100 - 2nd
3.fonz - win lay £200** ( lotd )
4.crackentorp - ***** - 1st
5.porgy - place lay £100
6.lady chapparal - Back ( in the place market ) £100 @ 3.75

all unpriced bets will be at bfsp.

wow thats only the first race...ffs...gonna be a busy day lol , 

HMM...well i have a conundrum here , what does one do? , you see the thing is i listened to 
my own advice and
backed crackentorp i didnt lay it as stated , so this will give a false reading on the blog , 
as people may say ....
what about yer other bets?, yer cant just restate losing bets ( as previously discussed with boom )
i picked out 8 that i thought could win then changed my mind whilst writing ( bet status , in 
fact the onloy real lay in this race was FONZ ) , you see the thing is i  
dont lay easterby's at york......great start for me, but what should the blog show for transparency?
.....( the bets i placed in all honesty was a £200 lay on fonz , £25 ew on crackentorp ,£100 place
back on high chapparal and a £100 place lay on porgy )....
in rushing the blog this morning i feel i have slightly fucked up ,..
the only blog bet shud have been the lay on the fonz , there are other reasons stated at the 
beginning of our travels that would nuillify the max lay ( max lb < £1500 ) on crackentorp regardless
, with all this i am in fact going to draw a line thru this  , u may wish to complain or comment on this fact
but if i didnt actually lay it then it should stay off the radar , 
i have in the past and recently been quite happy to proof or show my losses including
 the recent one for £1500 so thats no problem as it was a fair loss....
im sorry if any of you disagree with this but thats how it is , at the end of the day
its a blog for me and my records and a sanitiser for my head, so putting something
down that doesnt exist would be rueful and stupid ,
 on the plus side i did pick 8 from 20 that would win and hit 1st and 2nd so the system works ;-))

York 14:30
The Gimcrack , great race for 2 yr olds , not gonna say much here except ,
 LUMP ON BURWAZ in the place market ( 7.8 in the win market is worth a nibble ) but
imo this is nailed on for a place , the analysts think this is a 5f horse , i think they are arseholes...
so lump on.

blog bet - £300 @ 2.6 place back - 3rd = win £480-00
blog bet - caspar netscher £150 @ 8.4 win lay - 1st = lost £1110-00
total loss on race = £630-00

York 15:05
The Strensall and another good race , wide open with almost all the field in with a chance or
have a solid looking case.
i think dux scholar needs to be layed  for £150 @ 4.2 ( blog bet ) - unplaced = won £150
for the win , well that is trickier , hmm , i would suggest for the backers an ew bet on BIONDETTI
@ 8.8 +

York 15:40
Coolmore Nunthorpe Stakes
Wow what a trappy sprint this year with no out and out stars .
Hoof it has improved in leaps and bounds the only time it lost this season was 
when on this blog i told everyone it was a banker...and it ran 7th lol , 
imo only requinto is worth backing outside of hoof it , it does have a solid chance , 
but in all honesty hoof it could be different gravy and with that im gonna lump
£200 win ( blog bet ) on it @ 3.7 - unplaced = lost £200

York 16:15 
Athens , imperial order and thomas chippendale are my 3 against the field
in a tough maiden. - athens - 4th @ 8/1 ( top 3 paid )

and the getting out stakes ,
York 16-50

Caelis EW ...small stakes or lump depending on ur day ;-) - 4th @ 16/1 ( top 4 paid )

Enjoy  all, good luck ;-)


Copy Halt