Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Doncaster on Sat...

Heralds the Start of the Flat Season Proper Join PRP now for FREE**( T&C'S ) by signing up to Betfair using the Sponsored  Betfair Links at PRP ( email me for address )  , and yesterday only 13 Clicks between Phoenix Racing FB and the Blog...sigh , quite disappointing was expecting 30+ a day at least which is only 4 a day with 10 participants which tbh i thought was going to be easily achievable...obviously not .....too much effort moving that fecking Mouse!!...Hey ho.....
Had added a page for EPDS RACING today , these guys offer some great value packages for anyone interested in race horse ownership if there was enough interest i would consider taking one on for Team Phoenix Racing­™ , small cost packages available which should be fun ;-).
Over at HCE Jason has almost completed his Horse Racing Directory , well worth the read after all the effort thats gone in .
To anyone that would like to join our Facebook site please add me as a friend and drop me a quick hello and i will add you , the FB site is open to all that request and its a quality source of info and bets plus comps , jokes and arguments ;-).
This is me done for today, nearly time for work , have a great day everyone , be lucky , cya all later...;-)x


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