Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Hi All , ...

You may have noticed there are a couple of Ad-Sense Adverts floating about , help support the blog by clicking on these on every visit please , they maybe or maybe not something that interests , But Just a click each visit is all i ask , your help and assistance is greatly appreciated and i thank you all in advance ;-).

Todays race card for Cheltenham has been placed in the Named Tab , yesterday we scooped 5/7 winning races and had a superb day all round , there are a few good other races knocking around today and one of my consultants ( and love interest ;-) )  have raised the following bet : Joanne Foster. Very in form had a couple of long price winners last week and and a 33/1 3rd yesterday runs Marino Prince 1.45 Hunt. Currently 2.1 on BF to place ,This advice should be heeded as well as Electric Qatar which runs tonight at W'ton a horse that only has to run with 10 lbs on his known form and be half fit to scoot up , highly tried last season running against the likes of Bogart et al in group 2 races now on the sand in a Maiden , Michael Owen ( Footballer & Part Owner ) will be wanting a win from this to pay for his Cheltenham losses ;-@ , Lump On!!.

Todays MEGA DAILY DOUBLE simply has to be Sizing Europe / Grand Crus , add EQ for a Nimps Mega Treble , Have a great Day , enjoy some quality racing and as always if anyone needs any help or advice..get in touch!,
Have a great Day all..;-)


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