Saturday, 10 March 2012


Been a bit Deeeeeeeepressed lately , being an emotional sort i get like that if i have to retreat to lick my wounds , i needed to go sit in a darkened cave and get my shit together after making a few Biblically bad decisions .....been Punting away from what i term as the norm and got sucked in , blown out and spat out in bits......its all my own fault , no blame , ...Time to move on.....Thats why no blog yesterday as i simply couldnt muster the enthusiasm to breathe let alone write out my daily cards or do anything else..;-(.
However awoke this morning and felt slightly more Human not really that happy but getting there i do tend to beat myself up when i " go into one "....
But today we have an absolute Gargantuan fare of Racing to get our Taste buds warmed up for a tasty Looking Cheltenham....;-))
Its hard to find a place where one can start, My EW NAP for today is ELEVEN FIFTY NINE , Todays leading Guest Spot NAP is CLOCKMAKER , GUYYDUS is due a big run and is expected to return to winning ways today ( EW for me ) , DANTE'S FROLIC is expected today ...there is so much to choose from , so many write ups have been done and my cards look great...lets just hope we can get back to winning ways today....The above 4 im having in EW Trebles and an EW 4 Fold.
*One from Ireland Just in - ITS THE ICE I LIKE - So bets will now be EW 4 folds and a EW 5 Fold.

RESULTS : 2ND/2ND /3RD/ 3RD/........AND Unplaced...OOhh so so close, made a bit with the 4 fold but really wanted that last one in....


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