Monday, 26 March 2012

Good Morning..

Morning Everyone, hope you all had a great weekend in the Sun , a fantastic weekend everywhere with some very unseasonal temps around ( not that im complaining ) and it is now that time of year when the clubs come out for a clean ready to do damage , damage that is to the greens im attacking and not my team mates and friends ( as shown in previous posts ) , yes the Golfing season is back ;-)..will my back hold up?....time to get to the range and find out!!.
The racing today is light and none to exciting so im going to be taking the day off but all is not lost as i also have 2 Info Horses running today and a Super Nap so the wages will still be made and profits attained, all three Horses will be posted up at PRP.
 With that i will bid thee all Adieu and see ya all bright and breezy on Tues when my Friend Mr Guy Reed has a very nice looking Peintre Celebre colt running for the first time , i will be speaking to him about tmrw so will update after our little tête a tête ;-).

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Copy Halt