Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Little Life Update...

Hi all , well ive been rather busy the last few days , Installing new doors, redecorating , and bought a new car...2.0 HDI ( Diesel ) and very chuffed i am too ;-) , played some more tennis today although i lost 8-6 0-6 4-6 i can take stock from the fact that the second set score is a noneity as i faffed around at 3-0 and starting trying out new shots and serves and practising some other stuff , overall tho the game was played at a very high tempo and our combined tennis is getting quite good, some of the shots were simply top class i just need the same level of consistency as Marc and its game on!!.
Also i am suffering with a light knee injury and a strained ankle which is making my movement difficult at times and its affecting my sprint but this should be expected with the amount we play , got another match on Thursday against Andrew Jaques who will improve for playing and should provide a good workout.
Today i had 3 max lays which were all NID then in the evening i had a mixed bag with 3 great hits but also laid two winners which hurt quite a bit a knocked me for 6 tbh, i did however claw a bit back then had a biggish Lay on Poland at 3.35 and Greened up when they hit 10.5 so that bought me nicely back into profitsville although im still a bit irked by my first eve result....laying a 11.5 winner hurts , today would have been great if not for that but the last four days have seen me win massive then lose massive straight after and has thus left me treading water...need to get cracked on with some profits now for the rest of the week as i am trying to build up a big war chest for Royal Ascot....thats gonna be so awesome and i will be posting a FULL Race card for every day!!..we will smash them bookies; -) , next full card will be on Sat so until then, stay safe, stay lucky and good health..ttfn x


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