Sunday, 10 June 2012

Tennis Update..

Yes my update not Nadal's lol , Had a rather crappy day in the office to go with a rather swingy day yesterday ( sry Mike ) and rounded the day off by blast a quick 3 setter out with Marc...Played pretty well tbh and im starting to get a few more alternative returns in , LOST 3-6 3-6 as Marc played very well again and serving strong , im not far behind but far day day!!...but in all honesty i couldnt really concentrate that well as my mind was still racing with thoughts and angst over some poor decision making by me never stop learning and continually evolve..The blog has been quiet this week due to my Intensive 121 trading with mr X and as im enjoying the banter and newly found friendship this will probably remain so until we get a big meeting in like royal Ascot etc..A lot of my personal thoughts, tips and Info selections have been getting Posted up on our " secret " Facebook page, feel free to add me and join in as there are some tips and advice being posted by other members.
George Moorey if your reading this i hope your well mate and have recovered from the nasty incident in the car...Tmrw Day racing is rather flat but tmrw night will be mental as we have 3 good meetings and the England game ;-) until later ttfn x


Copy Halt