Friday, 11 October 2013

Satdee Special..>

Well we had a little in house vote for which card to do and it was rather regrettably York that was Victorious , i say regrettably as it looks a monstrously difficult card to decipher but on the back of a fairly decent Day 1 i can go into this with a degree of watch me fail in dramatic style lol...


RACE 1 : THOUWRA - Brought Down / Clipped Heels >
We start the card off in reasonable fashion with it being a nice 11 runner Hcap ( trust me it gets crazy later ) ...THOUWRA has to be the selection in this and looks nailed on as a FAP as by n large most are Hcapped to the hilt , regressing with weight or are just out of form , Thouwra is the exception  , Having rattled up what seemed like an endless run of 2nds this Bay colt by Pivotal finally got his act together and started to win and has won well and looks progressive and the smallish weight gains will not stop him improving again , 10 runs , 1 x 4th , 6 x 2nd and 3 x 1st is a very good record for any horse and shows a remarkable level of consistency this is rated 94 and i think good enough for another 10lbs yet so is arguably " well in " and the current 5.2 is fair without being brilliant...

Others to note :
1 : SEEK AGAIN - 1st @ 4.55

Laybet : BUTTERFLY  McQUEEN - Unplaced


RACE 2 : CHARLES CAMOIN ( EW ) - Unplaced <>
And we move onto yet another semi reasonable race with this being just a 15 runner Hcap this time over 1m2f  and at a price CHARLES CAMOIN has to go onto the short list ( 27.0 ) this is a " plot horse " if ever i saw one..tell me if you can see the pattern here ?..1st over 10f then unplaced over 1m4f..1st over 10f then unplaced over 1m4f , 1st over 10f then unplaced over 1m4 .....hmmm..although it  chuck a shit run in over its favoured trip  i do think that was a glitch , an anomaly more than anything else and back racing over its ideal trip again on ground it likes this is primed for a big run and a shock could be on the cards.
Elsewhere we have a hatful of exponants waiting in line that could also easily be upto winning this , First Mohican has obvious claims , Out of Bounds is on the up and Sam Sharp a CD winner is quite well in and with a hatful of others all with the back form to get involved this looks very tasty and i am happy about taking a big priced runner in such an open event.

Others to note :

Laybet : SUESSICAL - 1st @ 7.86 

RACE 3 : OUTER SPACE ( EW ) - Unplaced
Three races in and its still only an 11 runner feeling blessed but i have seen the card so i know whats coming!!...this listed event is over 6f and is for 2 yr olds and is a keenly fought affair and this renewal looks uber competitive.
OUTER SPACE has to be of interest here as this was only beaten by Hot Streak lto in the Cornwallis over 5f..yes it was beaten 5L but considering Hot Streak ran to a speed rating of 125p i doubt if any 2yr old in Europe could have lived with him that day and Outer Space was doing all its best work at then giving the impression that this 6f is rightly needed and im expecting a big run from this.
On a very literal form line approach RUFFORD has his measure as this was 1/2L in front of Hot Streak in the Mill Reef stakes over 6f on its last run sandwiched behind its stablemate The Supplicant who is also very impressive and i think it would be folly to suggest a big run from this wont be forthcoming.
Finally i think it would also pay to consider HAIKBIDIAC who if recapturing the form from the Woodcote also has every chance and at double figure odds looks a very likely sort.

Others to note :

Laybet : MUSHIR - 1st @ 7.59

RACE 4 : BACCARAT ( EW ) - Unplaced
Now we enter the realms of the ridonkyaless with a crazy arsed 20 runner affair over 6f.
There is a runner here with tons of class but a shit awful attitude and that is Valbchek...if he throws it all in he is group class simple as that however he has been prone to throwing it all out recently and cant be trusted to even get out of the horsebox never mind run a race but at 32 + it is worth a few fun sheckles.." just in case "...Back in the real world..Ancient Cross loves it here at York and cannot be discounted racing at his home venue and always seems to run a few pounds better here than anywhere else and is another worth a look at 20 +.
Spinatrix , Baccarat and Seeking Magic all have the form to be major players and the remainder all have the back form or ability to win if they are in the right mood....wowzer...what a my mind the 1-2 from the Great St Wilfrid will be the main players if they are in the mood today and these will be getting the lions share of my punt money..

Others to note :
2 : SEEKING MAGIC - 3rd @ 16.00

Laybet : KHUBALA - Unplaced

RACE 5 : PREMIUM PRESSURE - 3rd ( Ran Green )
Now we ease up with a nice little 14 runner Maiden ;-)...oh happy days....PREMIUM PRESSURE is very interesting as i have heard some very good reports regarding this and this all American bred son of War Front is bred for speed and power , the sire had a very good start to the Year having bred the likes of War Command and Lines of Battle and this should be feared.
Patentar is another on my radar along with Kafeel.

Others to note :
1 : PATENTAR - 1st @ 4.78
2 : KAFEEL - 4th

Laybet : SUPERSTA - LOTD - 2nd -

RACE 6 : KELVINGROVE  ( EW ) - Unplaced <>
Marathon time..and no its not time for an eighties snack its time for a 17 runner race over 2m2f a trip many fail to truly see out.
The only runner here to peak my interest is KELVINGROVE and at 6.4 is just about worth some EW action , this has shown some good recent form with a couple of wins over the longer trips with a convincing win lto at Yarmouth over 2m and he was at least running on at the end and this is something that is going to be greatly required here ..stamina.

Others to note :

Laybet : BIN SINGSPIEL - Unplaced

RACE 7 : FLOW ( EW ) - 
And to round the card off we have a nice wee 20 runner Hcap...brilliant..just what you need when you have done your balls in all day..FLOW looked a bit one paced lto but is lightly raced and has more scope than just about every other runner and could easily improve past most if not all and has to be a speculative choice in a tough race.

Others to note :

Laybet : BERLUSCA -

Well thats York covered and what a rough n tough day it looks.....i have to say there isnt a single race that holds a horse for a Nap , the horse im most looking forward to seeing is Premium Pressure , the best bet is a FAP on Thouwra  aand the best Laybet is on Supersta....thats about it..small stakes fun today for off to Newmarket now to see if i can find a real bet!!....TTFN & GL x

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