Thursday, 10 October 2013

Tues Favs @ Ayr >>

Howdy Pardners ;-)...

Got a few mins to spare so i thought id jot down a few musings regarding the Favs at Ayr today and anything else that pops up....

AYR >>

RACE 1 : EL BEAU @ 2.38 : BACK - 1st @ 2.33
This is a rock solid Fav that has several pounds in hand and this easier opportunity really should be grasped and i will be a wee bit surprised if this gets beat and the 2.38 it is currently is fairly good value and is worth punting.

RACE 2 : KENNY THE CAPTAIN @ 3.30 : LAY - 1st @ 3.64 ( IR 4.50 )
Another fairly solid Fav but this is beatable as it shown a tendency to throw in some very average performances and is rated just a bit lower by me ( 72 ) and i do think we have enough in the field with scope to improve past plus we have the added bonus of this being a monster Stat Lay.

RACE 3 : RED COBRA @ 4.90 : EW BACK - 3rd @ 5.77
This is a bit trickier , i dont fancy taking this on so much as it ran well lto having slid a full 20LB's down the weights ( only 2lb higher today ) and racing over its best trip on ground it really likes plus there are only a few to really take it on with so i would probably say if anything this is a fairly decent EW punt with Rise to Glory ( 1st @ 17.0 ) , Compton Heights ( 4th @ 6.47 ) and Monel looking to be the biggest opposition.

This is Div 2 of the above Hcap and is just as tricky and we have the added conundrum of having a horse running which is part owned by a phoenix member ( Little Jimmy Oddsox ).....This is also a SL and for me has to taken on , only had half a dozen runs and done / shown very little and even a trainer switch has failed to ignite any passion...easiest LOTD.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~That will do for today..Good Luck >>


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