Saturday, 5 October 2013

Sunday in France....

Hi All ,
Im out all day Sunday playing in the WPGS Golf for tmrw i will give a brief summary of the ARC.


         NEXT BEST : TREVE

                          BEST AT A PRICE : LEADING LIGHT

Orfevre really should have won this last year and done at 1.01 as it looked an easy winner until idling in front and getting collared , the same mistake wont happen this year and unfit Orfevre has won both trials with ease and now fully wound up it will take a wonder performance in the high 120's to get near him , Treve is interesting as this has been its main aim all year and has done nothing wrong and nothing but improve and could be good enough but has it to prove and Leading Light is an oddball in the sense it has been winning over trips ranging between 1m-2m and lto i didnt think it would have the pace for the race it was in but proved easily upto the task winning as it liked in a ready fashion and could surprise a few if there is a strong pace set and finally it would be folly to completely rule out Intello as this does have a touch of class however i cannot see anything lowering Orfevre's colours tmrw and this prize should be heading back to Japan.



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