Monday, 18 April 2011

A funny ol Day..

Usual Monday fare, small fields and a bit bland tbh...but i still managed to get done..sigh...However at least i managed to quickly get back into the winning groove and with my new more sensible daily target of  £30 achieved with relative ease...Made £39.52 today , so reasonably happy only the odd nervy moment or two , in fact was cruising comfortably until i shipped a quick £70 off ;-( , was £44 up at that stage.....but managed to string a few decent trades together....and my banker lay duly got stuffed so that rounded off an interesting day where all my trading views proved correct , my place laying is rubbish ( that is now binned as unable to trade efficiently ) and my overall race analysis has proved right on the money , i should be making more than i am, however over trading my position has saved me on numerous times and i am quite happy to scalp the smaller deals rather than " gamble " for bigger wins......

They are a selection of my trades for today and the usual account grab....see yall tmrw ;-))


Copy Halt