Saturday, 16 April 2011

A Happy Sat errr? Day..;-)

Good afternoon one and all , had a very interesting day , started off with a bang , then busted down to evens after a cock up in running , then went on a mini slide and spunked a bit off after hitting 3 bad races on trot..had a couple of loose win/laybets..none of which came off...just wasnt getting the results today...then went down for a coffee / scone relaxer combo and came back with a vengence ...all trades and lays running good then found to my surprise i was £58 UP !! ( thought i was still about £30 behind ) gleefully spunked away another £36 on abso fucking lootley nothing...Grr...So maxed up a trade in a small runner field next race and got a delightful £43 Green taking me back UP to £67.68 + decided to call it a day....Ive done 5 hours today i think thats enough...overall Happy , but without my wastage and 1 loose trade would be up today £150+.., but mustnt grumble i honestly cannot expect to win on every single race , there are gonna be races that do me , its how i manage to minimise those losses that will define my trading career...and so far no crazy blow ups , thats not to say i havent over exposed my account, because i have but i have managed to trade safely and quickly thus nullifying any potential nastiness......
FRANKEL was well frankly amazing today this horse is going to be a superstar mark my words...also WORLD DOMINATION , won very cosily fto today and will go onto bigger and better things , although be wary at anything less than a mile....So nice racing about tmrw so gonna get off now and relax wi a nice beer ( need a night out sledge!! ) ,..see ya'll tmrw....
Today made £67.68


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