Friday, 15 April 2011

Thats it...

Had myself a very nice week off. away from all things racing / trading and gambling , feel nice and Refreshed and ready to start spinning my roll up ( need to after all ive spent this week ) , a couple of LAYBETS that interest me today are
1. Thimaar (USA) 
2. Master Fiddle 

Both of these are favourites or close to favouritism and both need to be layed.
This Month has pretty much been a wash out after the bad couple of days i had , albeit mostly my fault after
losing my head but have now regained composure and i am looking forward to rattling up a nice sequence 
gonna trade at £30 per day for next 4 weeks , then slowly increase month on month ( will be doing other 
trades and stuff for spares ) , also i now have a separate account which i will be using for football / tennis
and Golf Trades as these are areas that interest me , right o , have a nice day all ,
i will check back in later ;-).

Ok so i didnt quite keep to the script today , but i did stay disciplined and focused and i did select the races i wanted to trade with more care , only had one blip today, and that wasnt due to a bad trade , that was due to me laying a Mccoy Horse in - running  that looked cooked then found a second and a third wind!!..but was lucky enough to strike a decent trade straight after to claw that all back , other than that all pretty straightforward today , which makes a change , no drama's.....
Today made £63.08


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