Saturday, 2 April 2011

Sat 2nd..

Been a busy ol bastard today , jusy chilling now and looking forward to todays marathon cards.
Its Lincoln time and i Fancy Taqleed , obv blotspot but it has a outstanding chance , also Pentinent is worth a decent lump and a few others , going to be a very busy afternoon , need to keep me wits about me and try and get a better start than yesterday...Chat back later wi update...ttfn ;-0

****Well , Hmm...What can i say about today....a learning cruve for sure , lessons learnt and oh yes i LOST £50 today..;-(( , i found out today i cannot watch and trade 3 races at once , stooopid idea in first place , must place more emphasis on Quality rather than quantity and be prepared to sit some out...i cant play em all.., some races i find it easy making £35 and others i struggle to break even , so have to collect stats and see where im strong..... Been a long hard day today and no evening racing for me to break even on , but overall £186.15 UP for the week...So not quite as much as i would like  and not a strong finish to week , but reasonably productive enough...anyway having tmrw off with the mrs...Come back nice and fresh Monday....Enjoy ur weekend...;-)


Copy Halt