Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Well Good afternoon one n all ;-)..

Well today was...EASY , started off great , i highlighted two races i really wanted to trade deep and got stuck in and everything went to plan ( for a change ) so i had made my target ( £30 ) pretty much with half hour , eased up , chilled out chinned it up to a very healthy £59.57 and decided i was sufficiently out of the zone to call it a day , made my money and was now losing that winning mentality , which as i know oh so well can be fatal, i dont wanna sit here and do all the evening racing , i dont have that level of greed , im quite happy making targets and hitting them and then hopefully watch all my pots grow and gradually increase over a period of months , obv when i do come unstuck and hit a loss i have no option or maybe i should put a full shift in every day and roll with it , but fuck it , the suns out , its glorious outside so im gonna hit the driving range , have a beer or two and chill out , life is great when its like this......


Copy Halt