Friday, 11 October 2013

Some Friday Fun >>

Morning Folks ,
Well yesterday was ok hit a bit of a cooler with the laybet ( only trading off first part for a small loss ) but the win and ew bets were both good so that was a light relief ;)...and onto today...well i really wanted to do a full card for York as we go into its final 2 day meeting of the Year however most of the races look a total fucking lottery so i kinda figured ..fuck it...but i will have a light look as i do like York ( my local track ) and see what i like....

On a slightly darker note SSE ( Electricity provider ) have upped their charges by an inflation busting 8% which now means in just 10 years a yearly Elec bill has gone from £500 to an eye watering £1306...this is fucking madness!!.....and this surely cant carry on??...Gas / Electric is so expensive now its just a joke and i love the way these rises come in for Winter.
They always always blame wholesale prices for the rise Yet its the same with Petrol etc...Remember when Brent Oil ( the base for our petrol ) hit something like $150 a barrel and the prices at the pump surged to an all time high ( then around £1.10 )....they all screamed " its the barrel price "....yet funny thing is 6 months later the Barrel price had dropped to just $73 and not a single penny was it reduced by!!....they keep all the rises and never do we get it back when it drops , they claim they have to buy ( oil / gas / electric ) in 6 month blocks but they must be buying it cheaper as well so no matter how you make the case we should get it lowered...but never do.
And as much as it pains me all the big energy companies are claiming that upto 50% of the recent increases in recent years are down to massive infrastructure spending to bring them in line with carbon emissions and the " Green tax "...this is such utter fucking bollocks..bullshit bullshit bullshit.....lies lies lies....the simple fact is a race of people we need food / water / heat and now electricity just to survive and these common sources should all be made NOT FOR PROFIT , these we require to live and survival should not be behind profit , if the Govt stopped bullshitting everyone, stopped raping us in taxes to fund their mistakes , stopped taking every penny at every turn and stopped giving money away like there is no tmrw , stopped their own fiddles with expenses etc then prices would drop , more people would have more disposable income, more people would spend more and the whole economy would drive upwards creating, wealth , revenue , jobs , investment, housing and a better sense of well being and health....why is it that the simple decisions , the easy to answer questions , the most obvious solutions are the ones most often neglected and replaced.....why is it you just cannot get a damn straight answer from any fucker... ??....All the answers to mans self made problems are easily solvable but yet they seem still to be in a state of flux.
...Anyway..i digress...lets get back to the Gee Gee's.....

Today at YORK >>>>

RACE 1 : MAKIN THE RULES ( EW ) - Unplaced ( Never in it at any stage...;-( )
As is the way with York and their love of a big field we start the day with a crazy 18 runner Nursery and i cant think of anything less appealing , well actually i can..Anne Widdicombe in a shear Negligee and a rampant smile...but from a punting perspective it does come much worse than this...
Its all good n well the big boys coming to York but the truth is York really belongs to the northern maestro's who farm so many of these races and it would be folly to write one off due to the trainer or price.
MAKIN THE RULES is one i like a lot here , Won over 5f ( staying on ) only beaten just over 1L by an 88 rated Hannon next over 7f and then just touched off by a short head over 6f by a 78 rated sort ( 77 behind and Class 2 ) giving a rock solid look to this form and his ability and with the excellent and exciting talent that is Oisin Murphy doing the steering i think this will go really well today and at 9.0 + is well worth a decent EW in a tough race.

RACE 2 : TAKE COVER ( EW ) - 1st @ 6.22 ( Advised at 11.50 earlier )
Next up and it gets even harder..a 19 runner 5f dash.....absolutely bonkers stuff lol...Again tho i do have one in this im quite keen on and that is TAKE COVER , largely out of form on the AW but has since returned to the turf on this softer going with a vengeance, on its penultimate run it was 2nd of 24 over 6f beaten a nose after travelling up the stands side before merging with the pack thru the center and was imo a bit unlucky not to win that day ( unfancied @ 50/1 but rightly so ) and then lto went off as the 8/1f in the Silver Cup at Ayr and was 7th of 27 but still only beaten 3L.

Full Result

1st (26)Ancient CrossM W Easterby99-10 ptP Cosgrave33/1
Slowly into stride, raced stand side, mid-division, ridden and headway over 1f out, led 1f out, just held on
2nd (20)nk27 Fast ShotT D Easterby59-0D Allan25/1
Mid-division stand side group, headway over 1f out, stayed on well, held towards finish
3rd (27)s.hAn Saighdiur (IRE)A Slattery69-9W J Lee17/2
Chased leaders stand side, ridden over 1f out, stayed on towards finish opened 12/1 touched 9/1
4th (15)21 Picture DealerG L Moore49-2D Sweeney28/1
Towards rear stand side group, headway and not much room over 1f out and again inside final furlong, kept on to take 4th place towards finish opened 25/1
5th (17)nse17 Boots And SpursK R Burke49-4 vJim Crowley16/1
Towards rear stand side, ridden and headway over 1f out, stayed on inside final furlong opened 18/1
6th (2)¾18 Sir ReginaldR A Fahey59-4P Hanagan14/1
Towards rear center, headway over 2f out, led center group briefly over 1f out until merged with stand side group, no extra towards finish
7th (22)113 Take CoverD C Griffiths69-6G Lee8/1f
Close up stand side, ridden over 1f out, no extra last 100 yards opened 11/1 £12000-£1000
...This has shown an aptitude for these big field events, has ground it likes can race on or off the pace and stays on very well and given luck in running its my belief that this will take some beating today and at 11.5 + is a very decent EW bet and i will be having an EW double on these first two as the place double alone seems very attractive.

RACE 3 : NO POPPY ( EW ) - Unplaced ( Expected )
Hahaha...and now its another 19 runner 1m Hcap....I will be sticking with an old fav of mine NO POPPY , this used to be owned by the wife of Mick Easterby and after a slow start to her career did get me n stevo a couple of wins ( we had to follow it like lemmings tho ) and was then purchased by John Musgrave and had done little this term until lto when showing a bit of its old sparkle now it could be argued that this race has been its main aim all season ( Won it last year ) as it is coming into this out of the Hcap proper and can race of a lower mark than last year so could it be a plot horse? prepared to find out like a lemming once more...more realistically it will go to something like Graphic ( 1st ), Rockalong ( 3rd ) or Asatir...but sometimes you just have to keep the faith ;-).

RACE 4 : CITY ZEN - 1st @ 3.15
WOW just the 7 runners for this maiden!!..." IF " CITY ZEN can stay this 6f trip proper then this wins..simple , has easily ( well clear ) the best form on offer and has been in Listed events last 2 runs and was only beaten 2L by Hot Streak over 5f.....if she fails then Galvanise will probably be best positioned to take advantage.
*Galvanise will be a SFP.

RACE 5 : EW DUTCH - BooooM as i hit 2 Places with 3rd & 4th @ 6.2 & 6.40 ;-))
Back into the realms of the ridiculous 18 runner Hcap over 1m4f....And this looks quite a hot race tbh but im gonna waste some coinage throwing it on some old York favs of mine in the hope that they will come good, these are not professional selections by any means these will be selections i have previously followed and are worth one more try before the season ends..
1. HANOVERIAN BARON @ 27.0 + 3rd ( Only just realized i didn't post Satapadi..but take it from me i had this as well 4th )
2. ITLAAQ @ 46 +
3. RIO'S ROSANNA @ 13 + 
4. CHANCERY @ 13.0 +

RACE 6 : RANGI CHASE ( NAP ) - 2nd @ 3.73 ( Hit 1.73 IR )
A 16 runner maiden to tip you over the edge if you havnt already done your bollocks in...This looks tough but i have had a good word for one in this and i will be making it my NAP for the card today and that is RANGI CHASE for local trainer Fahey who has booked the excellent Ryan Moore for the ride on this strapping son of Lawman.
This has had two runs to date, 3rd on each occasion but close up and well within range and this should now have the experience and fitness required to do himself justice.


Bonus Race >>>> In the Finale look no further than the very talented OISIN MURPHY >> Or Not >>


This is a bonkers day even by York standards but should be a lot of fun and brings us into what looks like an excellent weekend of racing very nicely..Good Luck all ttfn x>>>


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