Monday, 26 January 2015

My New Golf Clubs ;-))

Woop Woop ...Well after a good week on the punt i thought " fuck it "..treat yer i did and ive gone n bought me sen the new clubs ive been promising myself for a while now and i cant wait to get my grubby little paws on them ;-)...ive gone for the Cobra Baffler XL Hybrid set with Graphite Shafts and Reg Flex

I have man handled these before and they incredible both off mats and turf, low friction , high launch and even a poorly swung shot veers little off your chosen line and im hoping these babies can get me down to 18 Finally ;-)) Hcap is officially 24.3 but my " general play " is around 18 sometimes as low as 16 and very often at 20 so i know i can get there , played yesterday at Boothferry and hit 19 Points on a very good front nine and was well ahead in the Stableford / Matchplay comp that i relaxed and limped through the back nine which was of no use but still won the stableford by 9 clear points and won my Matchplay by an incredible 8 & 6 ;-) i know i have game i just need to be more consistent!!...

So heres " Fingers Crossed " to an uplifting and strong golf averaging 2015...;-))


Copy Halt