Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Another pic of this years OAKS Winner.

Legatissimo: Investec Oaks her most likley target

I advised EVERYONE and anyone that would listen to back this for the OAKS at 5/1 after the Guineas and it was more or less pinned into 9/2 and until yesterday the last remaining 9/2 was taken down by Betway with most firms offering 4/1 at best but a lot including Ladcrooks ,  Titan and Boyle only offering a piss poor 3/1.....tut tut if you never got on but the 3/1 will look a gift come the day as this is as good a filly as ive seen since the wonderful Pebbles and i will be surprised if this doesn't sweep all before her and that includes taking on the boys and giving them a spanking...LEGATISSIMO this years Superstar.


Copy Halt