Thursday, 17 November 2011


Sorry , no posts today , i would like to say it was because i was at the airport about to fuck off somewhere warm..but alas no....i was and have been all day on a maintenance mission , firstly early this morning my work pc  the one with all the whistles and bells on suffered a fan error ( it broke down ) on the cpu so i replaced it, simple task...but oh no , not this american piece of shit, apparently my asus mobo has a safety feature called " chassis protection " which cannot be disabled!!...fuck off just fuck off ( i screamed at it for about two hours ) , i just could not get the cunt to post let alone nearly launched it out of my motherfucking window!!! , by 12pm i was fuming , i knew at this point i was so far behind , today was a write off and i certainly wasnt in the right frame of mind to be trading so i set about trying to fix it.....its now in a 100 bits in the corner of my room...that is a project to tackle thru the week....i am simply drained with it i am on my 4 yr old aux pc....( always good to have a back up ) hopefully should be back to normal tmrw, hope you all had a great day , cya tmrw ttfn ;-)


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