Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Good Afternoon All..

Just a quick note  as the racing is somewhat bland and uninspiring just now with all the curtailments and poor weather , This is a quick and brief note to explain how the race cards work and how they are developed.
Firstly to all my readers and friends i must point out as i have done on numerous occasions , i am NOT a tipster and the advice given by and large is done on an ad hoc basis as you may all know my main revenue streams come from Trading Client Accounts and some personal trading , my own betting is funded thru my " spares " much the same as anyone else , i make a wage like everyone else and generally trade the same way.
The Race Cards are produced " on the whole " using my own speed and form ratings this may and does sometimes mean that favourites are often selected , however when i personally feel something is worth taking on i will add a note or summary to that given race , the BACK selections are generally the highest rated horse in that given race ( my ratings and NOT tfr or bhb ) , the EW selection is generally a horse that is in the top three on the ratings and is also of a price that allows such a bet, this is not always the case but that is the mechanics behind it and the outsider is either A) the highest rated horse in double figures or B) a Tip/Info selection that is of a price that makes it worthwhile.
Quite often in the race cards there will be selections or slots left vacant N/A this by and large is due to the fact that i place what is called a dutch bet on most races and if the relevant value is not there it will be left out , the dutches will be either Fixed Stake or Fixed Return depending on the prices and this i have found has been very rewarding over the last few years, some people have said " whats the point in picking three per race ?" , well quite simply because thats what i do...i dont and wont alter the construction to suit others, they are MY selections and i post to share and to help others make a concise decision on there own dealings , so follow , some lay and some avoid...that is what they are there for , yes a lot of my NAPS are indeed Favs but that is the idea behind a NAP surely?...its a horse with a higher percentage than normal of winning , i for one dont mind lumping on a 1.5 shot if i really feel it cant be beat, and thats horse racing for ya , opinions..we all have them.
For the older readers they would have seen many a 20/1 or 33/1 Napped or Advised and won but as any real enthusiast knows selecting a stream of 20/1 winners is easier said than done , we have many various tips and pieces of info given and quite often shared , some win some lose...that again is racing for ya , what i scribe , what i post and what i select are just my thoughts , my ideas and sometimes those of others , there are no get rich quick schemes with anything that involves gambling , trading or otherwise, you need discipline and a focused approach with a good long game.
Although it has to be said that i even let myself down on occasion still by betting off reservation which usually ends up in failure one recent scenario involved me trading an account for a friend whilst he was away , the idea was to spin it up enough to pay for his jolly, build the account slowly but surely and look to the future, but after a great start i hit a poor run which irked me so much i went chasing...and lost and instead of consolidating and rebuilding , i continued ( out of frustration and annoyance ) to chase and this altered my methodology and selection process which ultimately ended in more losses to a point where over 2/3rd's of the account had been spunked off , needless to say i was mortified by this  and it took me a whole week to readjust...when the head goes everything follows, body , soul, and 42 , been trading for ten years with a career and involvement in racing spanning over 25 years and im still learning......
Thats my ramble over , time to grab a coffee and look at the afternoons shit racing , see ya'll at the weekend when hopefully the weather and racing will have improved ;-) TTFNx


Copy Halt