Monday, 13 July 2015

Ayr on Monday

Well folks that was an exciting weekend of racing with some fab results with the highlight for me nabbing a 48.0 Winner ( on Betfair as the actual Industry SP was only 20/ a massive difference between the two and this highlights the case for betting Betfair with the better priced runners ) along with many others and a host of big priced placed runners which make for big profits when included into Acca,s and im very happy with the way its going and im hoping to nab one or two today and to see what Dalgleish and Goldie have running as they are the Ayr specialists.

Tough start at Ayr with a hot and tricky looking Maiden which looks a good spot for STYLISH BOY to open his account after being pulled from a hotter race on Saturday to take his chance here.
But maidens are not really my thing so will wont dwell on that too much and move on.

Tough small field Hcap next and its a Dalgleish / Goldie dutch....simples, and the same comment applies to race 3.

Just a Goldie dutch for race 4 and a Dalgleish dutch for race 5 with race 6 being a Goldie dutch and you may as well follow the trend for the finale....well that was a simple breakdown for AYR ;-))...

Elsewhere i think and EW Double with

Wolv 1940 - SCUISTREE
Wolv 2110 - LYRICAL

Is a pretty decent bet but not really a Longbow bet just a plain ol decent form bet and you could include Swordbearer in the 1545 Weth for an EW Trixie...thoughts...Because thats it from me today..enjoy or Snooze ( because you wont miss much )....;)



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