Sunday, 5 July 2015

Quiet Sunday ( By LONGBOW )

Well Howdy Folks ,
 Its been a while since anything has been posted in fact almost a month as team Phoenix have been going through some changes and had a few weeks away contemplating all that is done and what is required.
The new format of Punters Pal which is to coincide with the book launch wasn't an easy one as we got some usual and expected thoughts that were not that complimentary so we tweaked and changed things a bit and in the end it all started to look a bit fragmented and disjointed so i have streamlined a bit in the hope it makes for an easier and more engaging read and of course i hope it still brings in the winners and winning bets it has done to date but trying to get the perfect format is not the easiest task in the world and i think it will take a few months and some some help from the members to make it as fluid as i like as a few of my writing partners and collaborators seem to be too interested in furthering their own work rather than helping out in general to make a better rounded project and i think it may come down to this being just me doing it all on my own as a separate entity which is time consuming but im hoping the members will donate via the button on the Punters Pal page enough to make the time spent a worthwhile endeavor.
That in itself tho is a chore as most people want everything for nothing as their is a deluge / torrent / excess or plethora of Tipping , racing etc sites all trying to steer you in the wrong direction claiming this that and the other so you find people on the punt rarely stay long enough or focus strong enough to see the bigger picture and if you read my book a lot of this will and is explained so trying to get people to part with even a fiver seems like a gargantuan effort and is often at the back end of some derogatory remarks but those that do complain often forget how much we have helped them over the years in fine tuning their own betting or punting experience because so many punters already think they have all the answers " i don't need any help im a god already " or similar is something i come across a lot and they stick with this line until i ask them what their PnL is for the month year or last two years then its generally silence while they think of the " hard luck stories " they want to regale me with...
PPL , Stat Lays , One a Day , The Place Pots and myself ( Longbow ) have all shown very healthy profits this year although im in truth more of a value seeker and fun punter than the more erstwhile and professional Sniper ( Mainly group races and profit generating bets ) but the likes of Eric are also very consistent but need to be followed as a system bet and not an every now n then bet as they like all good tipsters hit a lot of peaks n troughs.So we will dibble dabble through July treading carefully as we go through a couple more weeks of tweaking but there will be a few race cards posted and i myself will weigh in with at least 2 or three selections every day so keep your eyes peeled and should you have any questions or require any betting advice then feel free to email , Facebook or Twitter me.

A couple for Sunday....

AYR is a quirky Scottish track that often plays to the locals and Dalgleish and Goldie like a winner or two here and look out for southern trainers sending the odd runner up and never overlook the often way overpriced Alan Berry runners as he likes it here n Hamilton ( awful trainer but does hit a few big priced winners ).
**Dalgleish Wins the 2nd race with Corton Lad @ 8/1
**Dalgleish Wins again in the 5th with Argaki @ 12/1 ( on my long list )

14:30 MYSTERIAL @ 4.90 ( All Longbow selections are to be taken as EW bets )
On a hat trick after rattling up a quick double over 10f at Nottingham and Newcastle plus points are the rider Phil Dennis he has ridden him last three efforts now with a 2nd in a Hands n Heels App race then for the double and on each occasion he has tried to make all with the win at Notts the stand out when trouncing them by 5L but winning an egg n spoon race off just 49 is a lot different to this...normally.
Yes hes now up to 60 so its an 11lb rise over the two races but he did start his career of 80 so i dont think this will cause too big n issue now he has the winning thread and the ground should be fine but i wouldnt fancy it any softer than good.
The field including Henpecked and Moon Arc have all at one time or another shown some ability and all have a low grade win in them but ALL are far from consistent and none can be trusted to stay or run their true race so all things considered this Mysterial has to be given a vote of confidence when faced by opponents of such paucity.
**MYSTERIAL led until the 1f pole and just weakened away to run a well beaten 6th, too much weight now and better class told ( and the ground is softer than i would have liked, prefers good/firm ground ).

15:00 TESTA ROSSA @ 5.20
Its hard to think or believe a horse has been " laid out " for a race worth only £2k however in Div 2 of the above race we may have such a thing as Testa Rossa is last Years winner here racing off the same mark and even tho this years efforts have been woeful it wouldn't be wide of the mark to think that Goldie has this wannabe burger van special lined up for a repeat along with SPOKESPERSON ( worthy cover bet ) who i think will also run a close race , i don't think Testa Rossa offers any value , i dont think he is a good horse and is generally quite dis-likable however i do feel that Goldie has a plot attitude with this and for that reason i will forgo all betting sense and include this in my list today.
*TESTA ROSSA was a very close 3rd @ 8.57 ( traded at 1.06 ) Whilst SPOKESPERSON traded at 1.01 and was 1st in a Dead Heat @ 9.20 so a very close race with our two runners trading at very low odds and hitting 1st n 3rd.

16:10 SOUND ADVICE @ 9.60
I think this could be a decent winner for the Dalgleish outfit , Won this race last year when making all and since July 2014 has rarely been seen outside of Group/Class 2 events as was the case when beaten lto but only by 3L and this is a much easier field to face and i think if given a soft lead he could have these strung out long before home and with the experienced Makin doing the steering he will be given every chance.
*Snipers Balducci runs in this against his wishes ~ outvoted~ he doesnt think it has any chance at the weights....but then he only had peanuts on it when it won lto he wants it to drop another 8lb-10lb so he has more racing options..maybe thats the plan?...was it a fluke lto?...wait n see but the word is no bet for that one.
** SOUND ADVICE was 2nd @ 7.34 ( beaten a neck ) in a 3 way finish..Very close again and at least i have something to come back  ;-)

16:45 JINKY @ 20.0
This is a proper Longbow selection with it being speculative at best , Won this same race last year this Jinky is a proper Ayr specialist with 10 wins or places at the track , ground is fine and with the stables regular rider on board this could easily out run its current price which i feel is very fair although it does have form to turn around and on paper looks to have all against him but this is the type of horse capable of doing just that on its day and this could be the day.
** Beaten fair n square , no complaints.

And that is my lot from Ayr on what can only be described as a very poor days racing and im not interested in the summer jumps in truth with barely a glance being had until November so enjoy the day and i will chat with you all thru the week as im going to place some EW trebles now and an EW double or two..GL, ttfn x.


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