Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Today is the Day of Wed Nez


Morning World ,
        Well yesterday went past pretty much as expected drawing a blankety blank and i didnt even get a fucking cheque book n gutted am i ;-)..

So today we have three meeting to peruse , two thru the day and Sandown this evening although im hoping i can make my profit before the evening racing starts as it becomes a long day but as my shoulder is still a bit fucked i cant play golf or anything else so i guess it may be a bit more decorating for me as i want the house to be looking spic n span before my little egg is hatched ;-) ( Dec 1st ).
So Today its Lingfield and Catterick up first and i think a browse thru Lingfield is where we shall start.


The meeting starts with a Maiden and a Fillies maiden at that and this as you know is usually a no go for me unless i either have some solid info or something at a price catches my eye ( had a nice 48.0 winner in a maiden last week so guess my PnL will be plus lol ) and there is one in this race i like but for pretty much one reason alone.
We have quite a few coming into this with a variety of form levels but my selection is unraced however it is trained by probably the best handler of fillies in the  none..and that man is Ralph Beckett and his horse is CROWNING GLORY a filly by Speightstown out of a mare that is a very close relation to Storm Cat so it looks a very American pedigree but with the ground currently riding good to firm i would say this is a big positive why his runners are oft overlooked i still cannot figure as he is a quality trainer and this is 16/1 and may go higher as more comes in for the jollies and is a decent looking EW punt , if you fancied an EW dutch of Fap dutch then i would suggest another unraced sort in JUMEERAH  which is 20/1 and from the Tate yard and they do quite well and he is another trainer not short of skills and is worth following as he oft gets some very well bred sorts sent from his arab backers. - RESULT : Neither did anything but both shaped with promise although that doesnt help our bet today we can claim it back in the foootore ;)

The next race is Div of the Maiden above and it holds no interest for me so we shall move onto Race 3 Which is a tidy little 8 Runner Hcap and it just falls within my scope but this is a mighty poor race with only two having any worthwhile form and they top the betting at 3.15 & 3.90 and neither inspire much confidence so im going to have an EW on MANDRIA in the hope the 251 day break has let her grow a bit and strengthen up and we hopefully see some improvement as she was only beaten 3L lto and if she can find just 6-8lb then she will get placed or win and that is imo well within its scope but i wont take anything less than 10/1 for this and nor should you. RESULT : NO BET for me here which was just as well as Mandria was unplaced @ 6/1 as the front two were 1st n 2nd as expected on the form n market share.

Race 4 is just a massive PPL race so im steering clear but Race 5 is another 8 runner Hcap and in truth i think Cashel Man will hose up in this and the 2.16 is probably a decent punt and Sniper may well be all over it but its not for me and i like to try and take the Favs on and i going to go with a runner that even placing gets me a better return than the winner and i think FITZWILLY who at around 16/1 ( would be nice if i can get 20's ) is worth rowing in with a 4 time winner over this trip with 3 of those on the level and still well weighted ( in fact 5lb lower than its last win at Goodwood ) and this will be staying on when others have cried foul may not have the class to beat Cashel Man but can stay on for a place and the 3.0+ Fap is a better bet than the 2.16 for the win on the Fav and that will be my bet ( 25%/75% ).

An all age maiden next and i dont like this although Irish Hawke did peak a small of interest in me but Race 7 is up and its game on with a nice 10 runner Hcap with the top two in the betting looking head n shoulders above these although that isnt saying much as this lot are decidedly modest at best and i do think the pro bet here is a Fap Dutch on Cahar Fad / Zebead but its not a longbow type bet and i cannot find anything to take the top on with so theres a good argument for Win Dutching those and as much as i like to have a go in these ( all 8-14 runner Hcaps are my niche zone ) i simply cant in either do the win dutch or the pro bet.

The Finale on a long day at Lingers is a nice Hcap and hopefully a nice way to round the day off.Over a stone difference splits top to bottom yet virtually nothing separates them on form with most of these yet to show anything to note and this could conceivably be a bunched finish such is the make up of this race.JUST BECAUSE is a bit of a headcase in truth and will have to settle and behave but if he can then this has every chance of making the frame or better on the balance of its last four runs and is 1lb than its last win just wins ago as that was on the AW at Chelmsford so i think the Fox needs to keep a clear head get a clear line thru and run on at the finish and he could get some money banked and hopefully the two likeliest winners Chella Thriller and Whosethedaddy will cut each others throats up front.

That wraps up Lingfield so lets take a peek a boo at Catterick.

This is another meeting that opens up with a Fillies maiden ( this is when they come strong ) and the one i did like Quiet Reflection has just been withdrawn at 1150 so we shall leave alone although i would like to see Quinn's horse run well as i like to see the smaller stables get some tasty runners.
The next 3 races are all bypassed so we move swiftly onto Race 5 and its a 9 runner Hcap.Very little to separate these either in weight or performance and ability so it will be worth looking at the better priced runners here and WINDFORPOWER has to be involved at 20/1 and cant be left out and i think the Waggot 1st string SOLAR SPIRIT is also worth including in any EW dutch or fap double as this arrives in decent nick and will be in the mix for most as the weights are favorable.

The final two races offer me nothing so that is a wrap on a poor days racing at the Garrison with only a Fap Dutch to recommend, whilst at SANDOWN this evening i like the look of the win double with
but the prices wont be great but as a double its a decent enough effort for a quiet evening , good luck play nice have fun , ttfn x.


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