Saturday, 3 August 2013

Saturday Blog

Well Yesterday..what a day...some fantastic WINS ( Montiridge 2.02 ) , Wentworth 8.40 and Moviesta 7.6 ) gave me a nice profit indeed however this was very much needed after i took an awful hit on LAYING Forgotten Voice and Backing Masterstroke in the first...Grrr...Fucking Hendo and his wank advice!!...i nearly cried off for the day tbh after that and looked at my fridge full of beer to console myself instead i  ( rather foolishly ) maxed my next bet ( Montiridge ) up and went in on full chase mode yes it was stupid, yes it was foolish....but i had it to spare and " he who dares " and all that...well it Won and i was on my way back , then i had a decent bet on Wentworth which got me nicely back in profit and then i had a big 3 way Dutch in the Sprint with Kingsgate Native , Tickled Pink and Moviesta ( 1st ) and that pushed me way in front plus PPL won for me for some extras and a couple of PPL " spares " bought more joy to the after a devastatingly bad start i  ( thru anger ) clawed my way back and did rather well until i spewed some back late on and then pulled up stumps and called it a day , in front but not happy....and looking thru todays cards it appears as tho the Bookies have made this for themselves.....Some incredibly difficult races to wade through but there are some hidden Gems...

Looking thru in brief today ( Only Card done today was the Donny Card i di for Trish as she is on the Jaeger Bombs and betting there today ).....


Race 1 : Heavenly catches the eye however a lot of Cheverley Park runners are only out for the experience fto so is probably best left , Makruma did ok without being special on its debut , i will probably just dutch the Dolphins. - 1st @ 3.85

Race 2 : Harry Bosch and Mazaaher look to two to focus on but another race that doesnt inspire me greatly for betting although will be a nice race to watch. - Mazaaher 2nd @ 5.87 ( hit 1.92 )

Race 3 : Azagal and Midnite Angel are two for me but is another wide open affair and shouldnt really be on the punting radar. - Midnite Angel 2nd @ 16.10

Race 4 : Urban Dance and Love Marmalade are my two against the field in yet another tight not really for punting race. - Urban Dance - 1st @ 4.11

Race 5 : SOVEREIGN DEBT was a bit shit lto tbh however his earlier defeats behind Declaration of War and Farrh make for good reading and a repeat of the run when beaten by Farrh will be good enough here in what looks a very modest affair , Big Bet from me.- 2nd @ 1.57 

Race 6 : i am very keen on SPIRITOFTOMITOUL as an EW bet here , three decent runs to get a Hcap mark and lto was beaten ( albeit comfortably ) by yesterdays very good winner Retirement Plan ( 2nd was 3L back with rest well beaten making the 6l 3rd look even better ) , Decent EW ( % ) from me. 4th ;@

Race 7 : SERVER HAS FUCKING CRASHED NOW...Fucking i cannot do any more ..That will have to do ( was trying to cover every race from every meeting today ) on Facebook if you want to know anything or check the updates at PUK......


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