Thursday, 1 August 2013

Bletchley Park Tips n Selections for Day 3

Yes indeed as the long titles suggests you will only understand Fridays Tips, Nap and Selections if you worked at Bletchley Park circa 1944 ;)..
Thursdays NAP romped home and again paid for the day and i tittle tattled around with bits n pieces through the day but i did get a nice surprise as i forgot that earlier on in the morning i had placed a large Multi on five runners ( EW Canadian ) just for the craic and i hit 1 winner and 4 seconds for a sweet payout which was unexpected...
Friday sees a challenge in punting terms but i have a Plan, some say its genius i say its a Masterstroke , i will use my climbing skills to scale Montiridge in the morning before setting off for a nice afternoon visiting Wentworth , this is where a friend of mine resides and he is a comedian, very funny in fact whenever we meet i always end up Tickled Pink unlike his brother who is in the Army although im not sure what Regiment he is in?..whenever i ask him this question he just Shuruqs his shoulders and glances away ?..very odd imo..somebody just asked me " is Goodwood a Northern Meeting "..i said no mate its Darn Sarf....

Ramblings Over....Have a great day cya Saturday for a finale special ;)


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