Friday, 7 October 2011

Happy Friday.....

Finally its Friday and the weekend is almost here , final blog for the week ( all weekends are now members only ) and what do we have....a stupidly tough card for York and some small field shizzle over the sticks...great!!.
I will post a very speculative card up for York and see what it brings....


LAY - RADIO GAGA £250 @ 4.0 - 2nd = Won £250
EW - DEEPSAND - 3rd @ 11.5
**A tough start to the day and a big field , a field so big that imo to have a once raced jolly @ 4.0 is insane and for that reason alone it has to be laid , this is a good sized field with some very decent young horses , the form of Key Ambitions 2nd to Ortac Rock reads very well and if deepsand handles the firmer going it will be bang there.
i know the Easterby's and where they train and they are what you can call " locals " and there gallops are of the same condition as the Knavesmire so i think he'll have a good idea as to whether or not it'll like the ground.



BACK - JET AWAY - 1st @ 3.6
LAY - LE DRAKKAR - £250 @ 4.2 ( keep bet ) - Unplaced = £0 ( unmatched )
EW - TREASURY DEVIL - 3rd ( only top 2 )
**Another tough little race with all out of form , underperformed or hoping to find some old spark!.
Jet away is the most obvious form choice , Treasury Devil could easily step up and take this against some modest rivals but it is impossible to be wholly confident any any and all.In last years race which was also a smallish field the race was won by R Hills on a 18/1 shot and the chances of that happening again are strong as any 1 of the 3 arab horses could easily improve or run into enough form to take this although le drakkar for me is easily the weakest here and is well worth taking on.
Dangerous Midge if finding the form of last season would eat these however on his two runs this season has shown nothing to mention so has to be left alone.


LAY - RIGGINS - £125 @ 8.6 ( keep bet ) - Unplaced ( unmatched ) = £0
EW - PRIME EXHIBIT - Unplaced @ 19.0 ( hit 2.6 )
**Very competitive h'cap and i do think recent relevant form shud be considered a very important factor along with any history of CD form , Prime Exhibit ticks all the boxes for me and after a great run in the silver cup at Ayr i am expecting a very big run.


LAY - LISEIRE - £250 @ BFSP - Unplaced = Won £250
**I really dont like this fahey runner and will happily take this on , i dont think its suited to york , nor 6f and i dont think its a horse of any discernible class.
Tough race to back with confidence but i do think both Master Bond and AC will improve enough to get involved and give you a decent run for your money.The value bet here imo is the place lay on the fav @ 1.71.


BACK - VITA LIKA - Unplaced
LAY - MUSNAD - £250 @ 9.4 - 2nd = Won £250
**Tough race , follow the form and bet low ( unless your minted , mental or both ).
Musnad has no chance on current form and is a max lay ( lotd ).

BACK - BLADES LAD - 3rd @ 6.20
LAY - LINKABLE - £250 @ 2.26 - Unplaced = Won £250
EW - EL LAIL - 1st @ 6.28
**Linkable is fav purely on what it may do , on how it could improve blah blah @ 2.26 i will happily lay this all day at that price.


BACK - EPIC - Unplaced
LAY - PERTEMPS NETWORKS - £250 @ BFSP - Unplaced = WON £250
EW - TRIP THE LIGHT - 1ST @ 11.50
**The getting out stakes and a lovely little app race..bah , bollocks lol , i just hope im not down at this stage!, if im down i will have a £125 win on both ( level stakes cover with the lay ) , if im at least 0.01p up then i will just have the lay , if im up by £500+ then i will leave this race alone full stop.....

HAVE A GREAT DAY ALL , ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND, Some fantastic racing over the weekend , sat looks a cracking day , hope you hit the winners , chill out , enjoy some beers and your friends..see ya'll on Monday!!..ttfn x
PnL = £1250-00
**Ending the week on an absolute stormer, happy days , the EW does the biz again , rounding off with two very welcome winners , speed ratings only caught the one but its enough to keep it buoyant , and all lays were spot on , for what looked a very tough card i am very happy with todays outcome.
Have a great weekend , see ya'll on monday!!.


Copy Halt