Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Tuesday Greetings..

Morning one and all , hope your all well , been a busy ol' few days , trialling some new stuff, tweaking some old and staying the same in places , but its evolution , its progress and the light of the new dawn is breaking , 2 weeks into the month and the members accounts have tripled from the starting bank of £1500 to £4675 !! , so a very promising start!.
Everything is going along very smoothly and with the link up with Acheron things are just going to get better , they are running free trials for there investment centre which start 1st nov and already we have over 150 enquiries so its going to be a very busy time with some dissapointed folk as the Acheron membership is limited to 50 regardless , so there will be a criteria to meet and one of those will be blog loyalty , and we are thinking about splitting into tiers according to bank size which will be easier to manage , but with going live in 2 weeks < we need to finalise all the details over the next few days.
I still need to update the 365 challenge which after a couple of losing days has recovered a bit of ground and re: byron yesterday i will now advise of value element in lays rather than let you guess and lose , it was a bit after timer ( ish ) saying , ohh i didn't lay that loser as the price was too high , but when the selections are made they are made on current tissue not withstanding future re-evaluations , so i will have to be a bit more explanatory.

missing my regular banter and feedback  from the likes of boom , ash , jason , mark and ofc PK , where are ya guys, do like a bit o craic thru the day?!

The cards are taking a back seat today , im still going to be having my blog bets but instead of a straight card im going to highlight 15 races i like from across the board , with the same highlight , i was thinking about doing a placepot card as well , would you guys be interested in that? , do any of you do placepots? , if so usually how many bets ? , i want to try and help you guys win , or at least assist , so tell me what your betting needs are , is there anything you want highlighted? , are there any races in particular you want a review on?..c'mon guys , let me know!.

Back bets :

15:20 Yarmouth - JACKS REVENGE - £250 @ BFSP - Unplaced = Lost £250
With Fallon back in the saddle after an effortless victory under similar race conditions this looks nap material.

14:40 Exeter - Numen - £250 @ bfsp - 1st @ 2.42 = won £355
Beat the fav ( shallow bay ) lto and  won so convincingly that i dont the 7lb pull will make any difference, always had the 2nd in the pocket and at the odds and with ap back on im happy to stick with this.

16:10 Exeter - Coach Lane - £150 @ 4.1 ( lay £200 @ 2.1 ) - Unplaced ( hit 1.83 in running ) = Won £50
AP rides this for the first time in 5 years ( they won ) and deserts his friend rebecca curtis to take this ride , if fit and ready should be able to eat these.

16:40 Exeter - Mumbles Pier - £500 @ 2.4 and Spring Moon £500 @ 2.16 ( keep bet ) - Mumbles Pier 1st = Won £190
2 horse race , but i have made some very decent money of these previously , both are pretty closely matched and i can see some in running carnage going on here , it is very easy to see spring moon and mumbles pier flip flopping prices in running, will change from fence to fence and how they are jumping.

17:10 Exeter - Balaklava - £250 @ bfsp - 2nd = Lost £250
Has breeding to suggest it could be group class on flat , cost £190,000 and will be expected to go straight in and will be a good un to follow thru the season.
___________________________________________________£95 profit from back bets

Lays i like :

14:50 Yarmouth - Represent - £250 @ bfsp - ( lotd ) - Unplaced = Won £250
Looks thoroughly exposed and i cant believe that one of the well bred newcomers in this race wont be far too good.

15:10 Exeter - Mcauley - £250 @ 2.86 - Unplaced = Won £250
This has it all to prove in this small but quality field , where they all have a chance such a short price is madness.

15:40 Exeter - My Brother Sylvest - £500 @ 2.88 ( with a trade for £350 @ 3.9 ) - 1st = Lost £940 ( no trade matched )

15:30 Lingfield - Equity Card - £250 @ 2.78 - 1st = Lost £445
Has looked an awkward ride and not a stayer when weakening in the final stages of his last 2 races , there is enough opposition in this field to make this a solid lay.
__________________________________________________Lost £885 on Laybets

Interesting EW selections :

1. Yarmouth 13:50 - MIXORA - unplaced , ran no race at all.
Missed the break on its first run , was impeded when playing catch up , ran very green but still ran on nicely towards the end and showed enough to think this could be quite useful and with that experience under her grey belt she should be capable of a very decent run here.

2.Yarmouth 15:50 - SABHAN - 3rd ( btn , hd,hd ) @ 6.68
Geoff harker and R winston have not travelled down here from yorkshire just for the day out , this was a solid looking running on performance lto over 7f and i think the yard are expecting a decent run today.

3.Lingfield 14:30  - Reggie Perrin - unplaced , ran ok but weakened quickly once chance had gone.
Having some good placed form over a slightly shorter trip but full of running , in this app race with decent young d byrne aboard this should be bang there.

4.Lingfield  15:00 - Remix - 3rd @ 5.88
Has some good experience under his belt and after a running on 2nd last time out good things are expected today at the minimum a place beckons.

5.Lingfield 16:30 - Desert Falls - Unplaced 

6. Lingfield 17:30 - Rebecca Romero -

So there we go..15 best bets for today...Enjoy and good luck!

***So an up and down day, losing on the laybets again , but making a profit from the back bets , and the ew selections failing somewhat , finding it tough going at the minute , got no rhythm , no pzzazz , a lot of horses running into / out of form as one would expect for this time of year and sometimes the plain obv being missed , the two lays that lost were my strongest but that said i kinda felt all four had a good chance of getting turned today , but summer jumps / small field = betting minefield and really should be left alone , that said the back bets one for me again so that is a positive , the ew's were very disappointing all in all , so tmrw i will be just nail my top two lays ,  with more back bets and a few ew's...we will get thru this and hit another purple patch , cant win all the time, its about minimising losses when your in the rough...all in all , after 3 months of race cards , dutches , crazy bets , singles , full days and mental bank busters after 3 months we are still over £10k up , so an average of £3.7k a month from £5k ..that is a good long term performance and beats any bank , or stocks and shares , so things are looking good overall , i would just rather i got back to full winning ways rather than all the hit and miss of late...might have to wait a few weeks till the seasons change.....anyhoo , cya tmrw for some more fun and games!!


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