Monday, 24 October 2011

Monday 24th Oct

Morning all , hope your all well and had a nice relaxing weekend , i had a very productive weekend , sorting out the new Cash comp' , the bankroll challenge and sorting the members bets out and they say men cant multi-task!!.
Glad to see the ( once ) mighty gooners win again although it need the mercurial talents of RVP to turn it around although in fairness Gervhino had his best game yet and may be warming to the task , Fantastic to see the mighty reds ( man utd ) get humbled 1-6 at home ( theatre of nightmares lol ) to their fiercest rivals Man City who now look the real deal and do look a very strong bet to take the title.
The frailties of the premiership came to light with the victory for QPR over Chelsea after they had 2 men sent off and with a 5 point cushion at this stage and having seen all teams play i cannot see past city , its theirs to lose!.
Although a BIG well done must be said to the toon army , flying high , punching above there weight but still grinding out the results , welcome back to the top 6 guys and hope you stay!.
Last week on a page i follow quite often they have been in full " trixie " mode and they hit some great results , especially Nath Doughty the football lord , i think he hit 3 trixies last week alone and david os' hit a tremendous horse 3 up , wd mate.
I am running a cash comp which will be starting 1st nov , basically its like this , you have an imaginary bank of £5k , you can have 2 bets a day , a trade , back , lay , whatever you desire and at the end of feb whom ever has the biggest bank wins...simples! , i have added £200 to the prizepool , its £75 to enter and with over 30 enquiries the pool is looking good with it nudging £2500 already , there will be prizes for first, 2nd and 3rd and it will be done in a league style, updated daily.
Any of my readers who fancy joining email me ( ) and i will answer any questions you may have...
A few of my members have been complaining that i have been posting too many race cards so until further notice the race cards will be for members only ( its one of the things they pay for ) and the 365 challenge will stay on hiatus until i have decided on how to move forward with this.
What i shall do however is post a few of my fav bets for the day each day , i would like to track these in a PnL style but am not too sure on what will be the best way forward , any ideas guys? .
So again until i have found a good way to track the bets on the blog i shall just post with no amounts staked.
i may start from a much smaller bank to show the starters how easy it is to grow...
Easily THE performance of the weekend was that of CAMELOT , wow! and double wow! , looked like ( joseph o brien ) he was stuck in a pocket , racing thru the middle and at the back of 5 , then with a gentle shake of the reins he majestically strode forward and with the greatest of ease just brushed them all aside , quite fantastic imo, Black Caviar won again and looks a freak of a horse , travels like nothing i have ever seen , effortless , brilliant , will we see him over here next year?? hope so!.

 Rant Time!!!..
Look im not against helping the genuinely needy or assisting in times of war , but helping the sponging asylum seekers seek a free life is not on my fucking agenda , the contribute fuck all in the main , are career criminals or fuckwits and helping them stay is the human rights act ( which must be abolished imm )....this is a statement from a case heard over the weekend...

A failed asylum seeker who has dodged deportation from Britain for nearly a decade has been told he can stay – because he goes to the gym.
Amir Beheshti has been trying to get refugee status for seven years, but was repeatedly turned down by the courts, who ruled he would not suffer if he returned to his home country Iran.
But the 40-year-old has now told judges he has a private life that involves going for work-outs with his friends – which means his human rights would be violated if he was deported.
The controversial legal ruling by Scotland’s Court of Session means he will be allowed to continue living rent-free in his publicly funded flat and claiming a weekly allowance

So rant over , and moving on to todays best bets....lets see what we have.....


1. PLACE DUTCH - JORDURA and WEST END LAD - Leicester 13:30 - Both Unplaced -

2. WIN - MADGENTA - Leicester - 14:30 - Unplaced @ 2.88

3. PLACE DUTCH - SADEEKS SONG and LATE TELEGRAPH - Leicester 15:00 - SS 1st @ 5.2

4.PLACE DUTCH - QUADRANT and IRON STEP -Leicester 15:30 - Iron Step 1st @ 12.83

5. LAY - BOY THE BELL - Leicester 16:00 - Unplaced @ 3.25

6. EW - NO LARKING - Leicester 17:00 - 3rd @ 7.48 ( 2.38 )

7. PLACE LAY - HALLINGS QUEST - Southwell 14:20 - 1st @ 2.25 ( 1.41 )

8. WIN - QUITE A THING - Southwell 14:50 - 1st @ 1.86

9.PLACE DUTCH - BAILEYS AGINCOURT and AMAZING BLUE SKY - Southwell 16:20 - ABS 2nd @ 13.02


So there we are ,a few bets im quite keen on making some money from today , good luck , take care all and keep smiling ;-))

3/4 wins on the place dutches = good profit.
0/1 on the place lay = small loss.
1/1 on the lays = profit
1/2 on the wins = small loss
1/1 on the ew's = profit

Good day today , very happy.


Copy Halt