Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Quick update on the 365 Challenge..

As you may be aware i have been using my spare winnings to try and aggressively spin this ( the blog bets ) from £5k into £250k in 365 days ( hence the challenge ) , its fair to say at the start i was fucking about with the bets , doing some crazy dutches, and placing bets i really shunt have , however as the blog has shown i have steadied the ship by using a lite version or format of what i use on the pro site and with this the profits have come , i had to take a more professional approach to this as i was dripping money left right and centre gambling my arse off and treating it and my money with total disrespect!! , but this has changed and the hardest thing to achieve was the initial breaking of the £10k barrier , this has now been breached ( now on about £15k ) , when the bank reaches £20 the stake will increase upto £500 a thats the next target , for now i am very happy as last week i had my first ever all blue week...

DAY 85 - £890-00
DAY 86 - £150-00
DAY 87 - £300-00
DAY 88 - £300-00
DAY 89 - £332-00
DAY 90 - £454-00
DAY 91 - £500-00

TOTAL FOR THIS 7 DAYS = £2926-00                           RUNNING TOTAL = £12576.01
**My first ever all BLUE  Week!!..taking us well over the £10k mark and now we are full steam ahead!!!

This is for me quite an achievement as usually for all the good work i do i usually fuck up somewhere or some lay finds a miracle runs and knocks all my profits out...but last week it all went my way for a change , this week we have already had a slight red but that was outweighed by the biggest ever single winning day ( £2.5k+) so it wasnt a problem....lets hope it all keeps going the right way...i may be able to retire sooner rather than later!!


Copy Halt