Wednesday, 19 October 2011

what a nightmare..

Today has been nothing short of shambolic, losing over £6k from the blog account bringing it down to just over £9k....This has been the worse run of results in three years , reverse midas touch!!..lays winning and backs losing , everything is upside down just now!!, i am going to have a good long hard think about the next step , on one hand i want to complete the 365 challenge and feel i should throw caution to the wind and max it all out in a shit or bust stylee , on the other hand should i just go back to doing the race cards , ...and default to safety mode till things calm down a bit? , so much to consider!.
Personally  , i really dont know quite what route to take ,...time will tell , tmrw's a new dawn and with a fresh mind will come a fresh approach....


Copy Halt