Friday, 18 January 2013

Donkeydalk fun n games...

So we have some very suspect almost ( certainly feels like it at times ) rigged Irish AW shizzle at Dundalk and i have decided to have some fun EW Trebles i wouldnt advise anyone to follow me as i fully expect to draw a big fat Blankety Blank...purely for fun and i will be trading all selections in the singles market to A) Pay for this bet and B) to try and make a profit....
So bored lol , but i will have to get myself motivated for tonight's Poker Fun and i just hope the snow fecks off as i dont really want to do the 15 mile trip back from York @ 2am in a blizzard....
Well that well , just back from Poker ( cleaned up haha ) ..and check the results from my bet and they are..
1.3rd @ 5.60
2.1st @ 3.17
3.1st @ 3.86
4.2nd @ 11.18
5.2nd @ 3.95..All together this equals a nice big BoooM ;-)


Copy Halt