Friday, 18 January 2013

It'(Snow ) Joke ;-P

Well it had to happen and it has, yes today we have a Full House with ALL meetings caped due to Snow....
So we have no racing to keep us Degens occupied thru the day! whats a guy to do?...well as ALL the big ( and most others will follow suit ) meetings have been caped for Saturday as well there really isnt much one can do as i feel racing is pretty much scrubbed till Monday at the earliest but i think we have to prepare for at least 7 days of full disruption ;( well at least i can get my " gambling " fix tonight as im off to York to play some live poker and tmrw im in the PKR £30k Gteed event so thats something to look forward too....but then that will just end up another full on All In Donkament and will probs be looking at a blank screen after 30 mins....

Other news....The beautiful ( once ) Charmed Actress Rose Mcgowan has turned her lovely red hair Blonde and omg she looks to have aged about 20 years in doing so , the following pics were taken just 3 months apart....( and i think shes had some Botox on the lips )...tragic transformation...too much money, too little sense and obv no real friends for some guidance!!...

On the plus side for tmrw however we do have some Racing from Meydan so whatever happens there will be betting tmrw...and here is an early look at Tmrw....

Will be getting a dutch in on the A Al Raihe runners.

Dobbs, Hanghan and French for me here

Dobbs, Hanghan and French for me here

Ahtoug, Royal Ridge and Mysticism

Funon , Inthar & Ukranian

Jawhar and Saeed Bin Suroor

Well tbh this looks very much a work a day card for here and is going to be another for fun i feel..big muilt combo spread for me...and if you are bored today feel free to have a peruse thru PTS as i have left it open for a couple of you understand what it is when i post....


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