Monday, 21 January 2013

Morning Everyone ;)

And its more of the same as the Snowy conditions continue to take their toll however we do have some racing on today and that is at WOLVERHAMPTON and i will be looking thru all the form for any horses that have good form on soft ( turf ) as the conditions their will be poor and the track will race on the slow side and quite a few horse with soft turf form have gone on to run well so i will try and get a card done and see if i can bring some Joy on this cold , wet day....

RACE 1 :
Strong Man looks good here and from a Trainer / Combo i fear greatly at Wolverhampton as they do well here however all its best or better form is on a sounder surface or Std and when it has run on Heavy / Soft it appears to have weakened or been unable to sustain its run and this negative that forces me to swerve this here.
AW maestro Winston is on Passionada and this also has some excellent recent CD form and ticks most boxes however at 3.45 its just too short for me to get interested in but i will re-think my position slightly should it drift pre off.
The one i do like at Decent odds is MASTER OF DISGUISE a beast that loves this track and trip but is an unknown on the slower surface but his running and running on style suggests this could play into his today also now racing 13lb lower than his last win and with his recent couple of races suggesting a win is imminent and with the Visor being applied today for the first time these ingredients could add up to a tasty win.

LONG - STRONG MAN - 3rd @ 3.39
RACE 2 :
This for me is an easier assessment as i will; be doing a straightforward Dutch concerning PRIORS GOLD & SOHCAHTOA as i feel the field are over exposed or too slow for this.

_____________________________Piss Poor race race for me ;(
RACE 3 :
Winston riding for Harris does interest me here but having scrutinised all available form i just cant justify as a selection.
This is indeed as poor a race as you will find and in fact no runners inspire any confidence at all....But extremely tentatively i will select as an EW option MAYPOLE JOE .

WIN - ARMADA BAY - 2nd @ 15.02
EW - MAYPOLE JOE - 1st @ 5.60
________________________________________YaY finally some form returning and a winner ;-)
RACE 4 :
This looks like a nice n easy win for multiple CD winner ( last three runs here have been CD wins ) RED SOMERSET is well in weight wise and does indeed tick all boxes as this has several placed turf efforts on soft or heavy, this is my NAP today.

WIN - RED SOMERSET - 1st @ 2.21
EW - JACK WHOS HE - 2nd @ 2.18
Recently placed runner Meglio Ancora is not one to trust at all and is swiped off the list...but hold on that comment applies to the whole field so they are all swiped for being a drove of shite....but alas i have to find something...THIS ONES FOR EDDY is a very speculative EW selection...

WIN - THIS ONES FOR EDDY - 2nd @ 8.23
RACE 6 :
Oh my the Latrines @ Leeds & Reading Festivals dont get to see this amount of shit....a fucking bottom barrel maiden and if EXNING HALT doesnt win this he will be sold to Tesco's.....

WIN - EXNING HALT - 1st @ 1.33
Possibly the best race of the day is this finale a half decent race with some in form sorts and plenty with a chance , Honey Of a Kitten has some good form and looks in form however bar a couple of runs here around a year ago his form is terrible at this venue and its that reason that drives me to leave this out.
On the Hoof certainly has the form to get involved in the finish however i feel this may be a bit high in the weights and will leave this until drops back down to around 66-68.
With there being a good mix of pace in this race i am going to focus on the good finishers and the 3 selections are very much of a muchness and i will just be dutching the three and hoping one can burst thru' in the final 100 yards as i anticipate.

LONG - NOBLE JACK - 1st @ 4.23

Not a great card and short on quality however some racing is better than no racing so lets hope we can hit a few winners and make some profit..enjoy your cold Monday folks, keep smiling and keep the faith.


Copy Halt