Thursday, 17 January 2013

Its Freeeeeeezzzzzing!!....

Yes indeed the weather has taken a turn for the worse with more freezing winds , ice and tmrw Blizzards and its horrid as i hate the cold weather sat here typing with my finger tips numb ( heating on but windows open to remove the smell of my cigar smoke , give up smoking then i hear you cry , feck off i reply i'll freeze then moan about it ) and braining  ( what there is of it ) struggling to work out basic arithmetic !! , and the racing has taken a beating as well with many a meeting caped or under of threat of cancellation , snow, rain , rock hard frost bitten ground all of which make racing almost a dream although some course have worked near miracles to get racing on using frost jackets and a fleet of groundsmen although as we have seen over the past few months even the wondrous ( or not so ) AW surface has been rendered un raceable at times so it really is tough times.
Obviously all the british ( and maybe beyond ) contingent have heard about the tesco's furore regarding them having Hamburgers ( beefburgers to us) that contain horse meat which i didnt find that offensive as i thought they were full of shit before but the gags have been fast n furious and some quite funny.
So its freezing and thursday what we need is some heat and get that we need to go to Meydan and as its Day 2 of their Carnival i thought we could have a little peak and a run through the card although i will admit to not being a good exponent of the racing game on these shores as i struggle to grasp the full sheaf of form and trainers but i will say ( this is obvious ) that the Dolphins need to be feared in EVERY race they have runners , they love it here and they usually do very well and very rarely leave empty handed along with Mike De Kock ( South Africa ) so if punting take note of any big moves for these.
A couple of UK entries that intrigue me today are Stonefield Flyer sent all the way over by K Dalgleish ( his only runner here ) and M Appleby ( Art Scholar ) and again a single entrant , surely one would think that these have some sort of prime chance as the cost of entering , travel , wages/expenses etc would cost a pretty penny and they are not just nipping down to kempton they are flying the best part of 4500 miles!! these could be worth some part of an EW Patent ( with Mariners Cross ) never know..stranger things have happened!
Right so lets have a wee look at sunny Meydan....

RACE 2 - LAAJOOJ - 1st @ 5.45
RACE 3 - MUSIC CHART / SHURUQ - 1st @ 4.47 & 2nd @ 4.01
RACE 5 - EL ESTRUENDOSO - UNP ( Chose the wrong MDK Horse as his Fav wins )
RACE 6 - STAR EMPIRE / ART SCHOLAR - 3rd @ 15.60 / unp
**First Cheeky Double in and it paid 22.84...;-)
***First Cheeky TREBLE HIT and it paid a rather nice 214.37 ;-)))))))....BoooooooooooM

These are my mix of EW bets and i will have them in a combo of EW trebles although tbh i dont expect a return so i will be keeping stakes to the minimum, these are for some fun thru the day.....i might get lucky , ya never know.....

Thats pretty much it for now and just fingers crossed that we can have some decent action on Saturday although its looking highly unlikely at present.....Good Luck , keep smiling , Keep Winning ;-)


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