Thursday, 10 January 2013

Tough Thursday....

Hi and good evening one n all as you can see weds was another day full of success driven by the members motivating me to pull my finger out although it was a friend of mine " Shippers " that had todays best winner on our FB page a winner at 29.60...Fantastic stuff and it was another Phoenix Racing members birthday and he had a good betting day nailing quite a few winning bets and making a very healthy profit not so for my friend Trish who although given a winning NAP , a winning Treble and two winning trades failed to make any profit as she had a variety of blonde moments and forgot just about all of them !!...just cant help some folk ( lol )  but she is the newest member of PTS experimental and Winning Line and i look forward to helping her make consistent profits every month from here on in ;-) ( at least enough for another trip to Vegas ) .
Performance wise i felt OVERTURN was again very impressive , a superb jumper and an incredible athlete however as both a flat horse and a hurdler he was equally impressive until asked to do it against the very best now i know he has a good few victories to his name and has run and won some very very good races but will he be able to dominate like this in a top quality field against the likes of say ...Simonsig ? i very much doubt it , if they were cars in a touring car race you could say that Overturn is a Ford Focus RS , looks good, very nimble and very quick a point where as Simonsig joins the party as a BMW M5 Alpina which is quicker and better in every department and although Overturn will go the pace for a while there will come a time when he starts to slowly fall away.....Overturn will win some big races but only when the " mega " stars are not playing....and on the Flat mark down BEAT ROUTE as a surefire winner in waiting , this was cruising today, coming round the bend went wide for a run horse in front checked , tried to go up inside and horse in front blocked that path eventually got out and went down in 3rd by a hd/hd.....this will be winning again for sure.
Usual hot pots and ones to watch are Kirby / Botti / PD Evans / Sanders ( more so at Wolverhampton ) and watch for any apparent " dogs " racing off a low weight after showing absolutely nothing and getting backed off the boards , big winner on Tues and Short Head 2nd today ( weds ) there are plots abound as some previously decent sorts have shown nothing and have tumbled down the weights and are picking up very weak races.
Thursdays absolute " Cert " has to be COCKNEY SPARROW ( Beaten at 1.18 into 2nd, ran shockingly ....oh dear...expensive start for me ) as only an act of god can stop this from winning here and if you have any spare cash and want some instant interest i suggest chucking it all on.
As for bets and race reviews...Lingfield or Wolverhampton...??...Well i see a few of the family favourite are running at Wolves so i may take a peek there....


A steady and reasonable 5f Hcap to start the card off and i will start of with Loyal Royal a frustrating sort but not without ability and owned by a friend Darren Hudson-Wood now this i would say is fairly impossible to predict but i will say i think it has a good win in him its just a case of when and is one of those lemming horse that when you back it once you must follow as it will eventually pop up at 33/1 and if you miss that you'll be searching for rope!! back n follow or leave and wait...thats the dilemma...Then we have Sallys Swansong a horse with 3 CD wins and the only time todays Jockey ( morris ) rode her was in a win over CD so 1/1 with the combo and is only 1lb higher than her last winning mark so is a solid EW bet.
But the one i like is ROSE GARNET ridden now by the magician Crowley ( instead of apprentice tate ) this has twice been just narrowly beaten and both times here after crossing the channel from Ireland and the 4lb wont make any difference as i feel this has quite a bit in hand just yet but this still isnt the one that will be getting my money even tho i think its has an outstanding chance and is the likeliest winner i will be having a punt on HAB REEH ( Having just checked the prices i may revise this , cannot believe its a 2.46 Fav when i have it marked down at 4.2 !!) ...anyway Tutty is riding this again instead of her preferred " goto " rider Sullivan ( who is having a first time ride for dore ) and the combo won a hands n heels race lto beating the useful Deveze by 2l and winning quite comfortably.....although i am miffed that its such a lousy price...i will be waiting until tmrw to make my final choice as i will wait and see what the market does...

SUMMARY : At this stage i think a PLACE ONLY bet on ROSE GARNET at 1.53 is the bet to make but i will wait until later to fully decide and will update accordingly......

RESULT :Rose Garnet 3rd and that will do for me ;-)


Copy Halt