Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Great Day..

For both the members & Friends of Phoenix Racing with Ricky Bird having a smashing EW Yankee with 1 loser and 3 Winners at 6.68 , 15.70 & 12.0 for a smashing Boomtastic Payday..Well Done Birdy ;-) , that will pay for plenty of Strongbow haha and my friend MB who hit a very tasty Green on the Arsenal Match tonight after laying the arse ( nal )  out of Liverpool when they went 2-0 up and were trading at 1.16.. ( ended 2-2 ) ...Congrats ;-)...and more unexpected Breaking news as i type Chelsea were 2-0 up and trading in the basement and let two late goals in  ( 87' & 90' ) to have a lot of big hitters gubbed..awesome scenes ;-)...what a crazy crazy week for football!!

Betting wise i gave a Member a winning 4 fold acca today and two Nap lays to finally see things swing our way a bit after a topsy turvy and rather indecisive week ( well done ya cheeky monkey lol ) and PTS struck back today with a winning double header so its been pretty much a clean sweep day again.

There will be no Blog posts Thurs nor Fri as i focus on the member accounts and PTS , i will be back on Saturday with a card or some Bets and Stat Lays...let me know what you would prefer to read or check out and i will fill the page , until Sat amigo's stay lucky , keep smiling and keep the faith ;-)...x


Copy Halt