Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Morning World...

Hi Guys , the posts for January will be less frequent as i concentrate on PTS this month , i will still ( hopefully ) get a decent card out for Saturdays but thru the week it will be thin pickings as i concentrate on the investor accounts and work on some new statistical angles , i may if time allows pop an EW Double up each day for the vets.
I will however respond to any requests made or advice asked be it race or meeting specific as communication has been rather low of late i dont really know what a lot of my readers want, just browsing, following , curio ? with a lack of Intel i shall just presume passive readers .
The blog has been a good tool for me to test out new betting designs and patterns and has helped me focus in certain areas and as my only plan this month is testing PTS i have little to write about and less to rant about so i will keep it simple.
As the whole NH game seems geared towards the festival its hard working up enough enthusiasm at least on the Flat we have a decent meet just about every Sat and we have the classics, Royal Ascot, Glorious Goodwood , York much more to look forward to....March..3 Months and counting....

I will update later if i have any " real " fancies, tips or otherwise.....ttfn x

**UPDATE** :
At AYR i think following Lucinda Russell should pay dividends as she has 5 very useful looking runners today on a course she does well at , imo featuring all her runners in EW doubles and/or Trebles could be a smooth play.
At LINGFIELD i will be shocked if RANGI cannot finally win and HONEST STRIKE is one for my EW double ( or more ) and PENBRYN is interesting back after a long break but has been ( in his career ) placed or won a total of 6 times with 5 ( inc the CD win ) of these coming here at Lingfield and could run a big race being nice and fresh.
Over at WOLVERHAMPTON ROUGHLYN getting lumps of weight and with winning jockey Serena on again could run a nice race at decent odds while BALTIS SISTER makes it onto my EW list looking to score a hat trick over CD.
I do think MISS BUNTER is also entitled to consideration as Betfair are paying top 3 in this.
At KEMPTON i will rather frustratingly be sticking with SIR DYLAN in the hope the removed weight makes a difference as he is now only 2lbs higher than his last CD win and did show a tad of improvement lto...lemming bet but we all do them...LASTKINGOFSCOTLAND enters the fray ( EW  ) as this has proved to be remarkably consistent and shud be followed until this wears off and finally BREAKHEART is worth a second glance with the claimers allowance negating the weight rise.

So in summary , the EW SPECIAL will be ,

With HONEST STRIKE the NAP ( of these )..
and RANGI and MISS BUNTER could be worth a WIN Double...

all in all very low grade stuff again...but its work and i will just have to make do with whats on offer...cya later all.


Copy Halt