Thursday, 9 May 2013

Job Horses

Horse Racing in general has long been held in contempt by many from both inside and outside the game and cunts like Jonjo O'Neil do us no favours what so ever , now i dont care what you say ...he is a fiddling fucker bigtime..and his mainstay JP is probably the main string puller for this puppet , take today as an example he runs Church Field in a run o the mill Hcap with form figures reading 0000 and his previous betting shows and SP at 50/1 , 66/1  and 100/1 in similar grade events and been beaten around 125L combined in those three races.
Today he races and from last nights high of 20+ on Betfair he opens the day at 13.0 and then continues to get hammered well actually smashed into 3/1F and then runs like a Champion Hurdle contender absolutely destroying this filed without breaking sweat......This was a proper job horse, not illegal ( although it should be ) just fucking scandalous!! can your work a day punter have any chance of winning a few quid against well planned plots like this??...yes its good for connections but for everyone else it stinks to higgh heaven and the BHA should step in ...will they?...not fucking likely as they are all a bunch of shit scared brown nosing cock sucking leeches.

Lets Just Hope we can nail a few more winners tmrw to get some compo as we have both Chester through the day and Ascot at night to aim at with some decent pickings available...Bring it on mofo's !!..


Copy Halt