Sunday, 8 January 2012

OOOh its a Sunday...

Morning/Afternoon/Whatever........well yesterday was a bit of a write off as i started the day late and ended up going to a friends house to sort out his router and lappy probs , then as a " reward " we went out and had a drink or two..or three...or four.....after speaking to " G " i think i will also be taking Sat and Suns off from full trading as i need the break and i do all my best work in the week which is strange as the best racing is usually at the weekends!...but Saturdays have been fairly shit for me in general and besides its that time of the week when m,y friends etc are not at work so the weekends for me will now be very lightweight....I do like one horse today and this will be my only bet for today, the horse in question is DA'QUONDE in the 15:50 @ SOUTHWELL and this is a SILVER rated EW bet , currently 5.2/2.36 this is fair value was hoping for more but will take this , Tom eaves again takes the ride on the lto CD winner and he knows now what is required , get to the front , ...and stay there and if any challenge, repel them! , we now know this likes a battle as shown and as nothing in this jumps out i can see this again beating Gorgeous Goblin and Beachwood Bay was a whole second slower when winning over CD lto.
Only 1 race for me tmrw as well as i will be sticking to my remit for now and that will be the 16:55  Wolverhampton a race in which only 3 are involved however a GOLD RATED bet will emerge ;-).
What to do today..Hmm , not to sure , just enjoyed some crackling fresh from the pork joint , thank you mrs ;-) , think im going to have a film day , but quite happy juz chilling tbh , may even se if i can get this pc to run Left 4 Dead 2 if it does i may partake in the slaying of some Zombies! , i also fancy a game of poker so thats another option....
Gonna get off for now , have a great day everyone and G ..Good luck with the Bairn and hope everything goes brilliantly!!!

Result : DA'QUONDE Ran UNPLACED , Very Disappointing tbh ran to about 6th , ran no where near as well as it did lto never really pushed em and ran slow and weak , dont really know what to make of that as the only other horse that  had the form to win Beachwood Bay won @ 4/1cf  , it ran better than it had ever done before as others ran below their form leaving the way open , was 4/1cf but not that well backed % wise so hmm is all i can muster , yes there is an argument for me saying  " well i should have dutched em " but i always felt DA'QUONDE was going to double up in this much weaker race but thats horse racing for ya , on the PLUS side i did get bits of my place lay and my win lay matched as it hit 1.10 in the place market and 2.38 in the win market so i didnt do to bad overall but as it was my only bet of the day i expected more....sorry G , hope your in running lay/s got matched.....Back to normal tmrw!!


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