Monday, 25 February 2013

Dom Chelsea..

Well after a fucking nightmare day yesterday when my server system and main pcs all threw a spaz  ( burnt HDD ) and a 7 hour loss on my day im glad to have everything back in pretty much full working order but it was a close thing tho as the lot nearly went out the window!!....
So onto Tues and as Dom is off to Leicester to taste the delights of this almost semi Midlands town i thought i would try and assist in trying to get some here goes..and have a grand day mate.


Quite a few things i dont like here ( from a punting perspective )  those words , Novice, Hcap and Chase....oohh my wallet hides straight away lol , but i digress i said i would take a shot so shoot i will and its gonna be hard as this lot are hardly prolific in area other than being inconsistent!...But one i do like here is CAULFIELDS VENTURE fell lto when fading but prior to that had 2 runs here over CD and was 2nd both times ( beaten fair ) but the form is as good as anything on offer, likes the ground and likes it at Leicester so has plenty of pluses in a field full of minuses...not the strongest finisher and only just lasts  this trip but this is a weak enough event for him to get home and is now on a winable mark , this is a cautious EW to start the day off.
This time its a hcap Chase for some hardy ol sorts that are in the main again inconsistent or out of form a statement that doesn't apply to FRANKLIN ROOSEVELT ( 1ST @ 3.1 ) a horse that appears to have finally got his act together has started jumping with fluency and has started to develop a good racing profile and is good for another 20lb+ of improvement imo which makes him the equal or better of this field however he isnt at the stage where i would feel happy taking a short price so i feel i will go against my better judgement and look for a nice EW to take him on with and i feel NOT SO SURE DICK could be the one to give him a race for an 8 yr old is still lightly raced ( only 18 starts ) and has in recent times been beaten twice by the very impressive Hunt Ball ( When Hunt Ball was racing from 108 & 127 , now 157 )  and i feel there is more improvement to come and at a fair price is worth a go against some of these inc the Fav although to be fair it does look wide open..another small stakes race.
We move into race 3 and ive just realized its an All Chase card today!1..;(...This time a 2m race and again nothing really jumps out as quite a few have a chance of sorts and i could make a consistent case for about 6...But  SAWPIT SUPREME who now carries a penalty but is running a 2f shorter trip is holding form quite well and even with the penalty is still reasonably treated and can be trusted to run an Honest race.
RACE 4 : HOWARDS LEGACY - 1st @ 3.80
HOWARDS LEGACY & VOLADOR are the two i like in this and i will be dutching these at decent odds as this is a fairly weak yet competitive race with plenty of lateral form lines but little actual form and i cant really see the remainder getting involved or turning the form around , In fact Howards Legacy isnt far off being a NAP here today..
RACE 5 : FRENCH CANADIAN - 2nd @ 1.91
Maiden " Hunters Chase "...this is dire...and most of these are extremely average and my token vote goes to FRENCH CANADIAN as it has at least excelled in the p2p sphere this year and ran fairly well under rules.
RACE 6 : BALLYMAN ( EW ) - 2nd @ 13.93
Sorry Dom but this is dog shit..BALLYMAN EW...

Well there ya go Dom...tbh not a great card, a lot of very poor runners and some dire races and a shame i cant be more direct with you on this...but its awful and will be seeing very little of my money...Good Luck.


Copy Halt