Friday, 1 February 2013

Whats a Crackin'...

G'day mofo's hope ur all well...Yes i am ( thanks for asking ) and its the start of a new month , the start of Feb the Month of Lurve <3 lets hope the month loves us back ;).
Ha d a hit n miss day yesterday although it could have been a true stellar day if i had my head on straight!!...missed some very good opportunities yesterday and battled against a big bet i made on my NAP yesterday which ran appallingly and was a rather an expensive flop...but thankfully i enjoyed a bit of Kock in Meydan and that sorted me out ( had originally staked a Rerouted / Apache as a double for a mega payday , but changed my bastard mind at the last min and just did Rerouted only for a single as i liked something else more in the finale )......
Today however looks...well i don't know how to eloquently put this but its...Fucking Dogwank....Two shitty meetings for a Friday and the AW looks a shocker with the NH card only marginally better so today for your amusement i shall have a look thru just Lingfield briefly giving a suggesting of my bets and thoughts followed by a card for the late afternoon meeting at Wolverhampton as this is almost customary now.
So starting off at LINGFIELD...

RACE 1: - Great Start as The Black Jacobian is well beaten and Unplaced ;-)
I have to LAY the Black Jacobian here , a limited beast than ran right upto its mark lto beating a very poor and sorry looking field ( 4 runners ) and can be comfortably taken on with the remaining runners here , its previous attempts at 7f have shown a weakness in the finish and a lack of mid race pace and this is a far tougher match up than lto and at 1.92 is a rock solid Lay.

RACE 2 : Red Mystique Ran well for all bar the last 100yrds and was beaten into 4th but hit 1.83 for the win and was done at 1.01 for the place!!....
I think RED MYSTIQUE is worth another try here ran a shocker lto but surely something was amiss ( no supporting evidence ) but it was too bad to be true as it had previously run very encouragingly over CD and looked like a win was round the corner in the right race n grade , this looks a decent EW bet.

RACE 3 : Marmot Bay is Unplaced as expected ;)
Too many unanswered questions in this to have a Back bet however i will be LAYING MARMOT BAY as this really looks like a runner that doesnt like 7f and has shown nothing to say otherwise even at 7.8 i think this is a solid looking and confident lay.

RACE 4 : My Scat Daddy comfortably beaten into 2nd -)
In another uninspiring race i can find nothing to back or even interests me in the slightest however i do have a LAY but this is not without worry as MY SCAT DADDY could very possibly win although i doubt this more only tried once over this trip resulted in a very easily outpaced 8/8 and all runs of significance have been over 7f so i will Lay this but will back it thru with a Saver Double.

RACE 5 : Do More Business 2nd @ 3.87 - Just couldn't get up in time..
Another shocking race and DO MORE BUSINESS is a EW punt for the Radio Rentals only , ran well under Ned Curtis lto and looks to have as good a chance as any here.

RACE 6 : BoooM as the PTS Bet wins easy ;)

A Maiden that is utter pish!!..however i will state for the record i will be having a nibble at some rather fancy prices ( 40+ ) on REVERT as its from Rail Link and on breeding alone is entitled to get into the mix but more realistically this should go to GOOD EVANS as this had its 2 main market rivals behind when narrowly beaten lto although Cousin Khee is interesting as it won a Jumpers Bumper lto over 2m and should have enough speed to get involved here and as the remainder look likely to improve at least to some small degree i couldnt back it ( Good Evans ) nor could i lay it....the bet here is a PTS NAP bet so will hopefully come good.

RACE 7 : Blue Wave is Unplaced as expected ( Infinite Magic 1st ) ;-)
Easily the toughest race of the day and the classiest with a handful of smart ( ish ) performers out to take the £5k first Prize....The only one i can find that has no realistic chance of winning is BLUE WAVE and its also the outsider @ 10.0 and although a big price for a LAY is a confident selection for the win i think Infinite Magic has the most solid looking credentials.

RACE 8 : And BoooooM to round the day off as STENTORIAN wins @ 3.90 ;-)
And to round the card off we have an AMATEUR riders Hcap...sigh...for me i will be " Dutching " TEIDE PEAK & STENTORIAN .

Wolverhampton Card to follow in new shit to do bro's n hoes ;)


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