Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Tmrws NAP

Early Bird post as ive enjoyed a couple of stress free days away and got some jobs done, sorted some bizzo out and generally did feck all ;-)  , i needed this couple of days away from the pc and mind was getting Frazzled and Max im sorry i know absolutely fuck all about Cricket and have never even attempted a trade at m8.
There is one horse running tmrw that i will be Maxxxxxxing to the hilt and looking to fill my satchel full to the brim with easy monies....its another picture clue to keep ya on ur toes ;-)...
 Result : 1st @ 1.86

There ya go n fill ur boots ;-))
.....May post some bets up tmrw, then again i may well take another day off n just do my PTS n member bets as im quite enjoying the stress free nature of doing nothing ;)
...Ttfn x


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